Only A Red Pump

By Bura

How had Claire convinced me to wear, these stupid red pumps to the party of the year, well it was bad enough that they always seemed to get me into trouble, but getting hit on because of these red pumps was not my idea of a party. I was walking around by myself, just as usual seeing that Claire had ditched me again for her boyfriend Todd. I walked into the kitchen to get myself another coke. This party was a total bust someone had spiked the punch and people were groping each other on the dance floor what a great party this had become. I looked in the fridge and after five minutes of looking for the coke, found it behind the apple juice…wait that's not apple juice. I turned and began to walk away, when this guy just decided to step in my way,

I am in no mood to get hit on again, just because of these red…God forsaken shoes.

"Nice shoes" he said

I rolled my eyes in response, then stepped on his rather white shoes, with my heel

"Oww, what the hell was that for?"

"Well you complimented my shoe's and obviously I didn't ask for a compliment so maybe you should back off buddy, it's like telling Beyonce that her she shouldn't stop wearing makeup you just don't do it!"

"You blind b (censor) did you not f (censor) see my f (censor) leg has a bandage around the whole thing"

I looked down to see what he was talking about.

Yep.. Oh man. That ass. Did he just call me a blind b you're going down buddy.

I glared at him the best as I could,

"You know you look like a two year old when you try to glare," he said

" Well you look like a moron who decided to compliment my shoes, first you don't even know me, and second I don't want to be hit on."

" How is complimenting your f (censor) shoes any way of me hitting on you, last time I checked only crazy people think of stupid ass s (censor) like that. Which I'm guess you are." The last part he said under his breath but loud enough for me to hear him.

" You are so dead. You little jackass, I've heard enough out of you!"

I jumped on him, surprising him and knocking him down, and with me on top of him; I began to hit him furiously, " you little dip (censor), don't ever say stupid s (censor) like that to me ever again or I'll make sure your never going to have children" I got rudely interrupted by Claire, pulling me off.

"Alice, what in gods name are you doing, you're supposed to be civil in public"

"He was being a dip (censor) and I don't stand for s (censor) like that"

" I was not being a dip (censor) you we're just being a crazy b (censor), who cant take a stupid compliment"

"Well I wouldn't have to have talked to you if you hadn't complimented my shoes jerk you know I should I should"

Claire rudely cut me of again,

"So you two, who started this?"

"He-she started it" we both said pointing furiously at each other.

"NU-UH" we both said

"STOP IT" we said again, realizing we were both saying the same thing and the same time.

"He started really started it Claire." I pointed at him, he was standing there smirking at me, his green eyes in amusement, and his black hair tussled.

O my he is so hott… Look at him.

" Stop looking at me like that you pomegranate jackass" I turned and stormed out of the kitchen with Claire right on my heels.

" Why the hell did you make me go to a stupid party like that?" I asked
"what happened back there, with that guy, and tell me from the beginning"

"Fine I will" and began the long story, up to the point where she walked in to break up the fight. By the time we had reached my house, Claire had tears streaming down her face cause of laughing so hard.

"Claire it's not funny at all, he was being a promotions jackass, and you had ditched me..."

" No he was just complimenting you and yes its funny"

"Well at least its over, I wont have to see him ever again"

" Well, hopefully," Claire said back.

Next week.

Claire and I were walking arm and arm, around the hallways, because today started our weekend, and we were happy we were singing our happy song, and skipping down the hallway, not caring that anyone could hear us. I closed my eyes for one moment, and ran straight into a wall. or what I thought was a wall until I tripped and someone's strong arms were around me it choose the weirdest time to say "oww" I felt around, and realized that it wasn't a wall, it was a very nice body and that I was once again stepping on its shoes.

"Umm whoever you are I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop touching me" the voice said, a voice that sounded way to familiar. I opened my eyes and looked up to see the same stunning green eyes that I'd seen last weekend at that party. His face went from frowning, to smirking.

" Could you tell me Alice why you had the intense urge to touch me?" he said

" Um.. I thought you were a wall? Wait a second how did you know my name!" I replied

" You thought I was a wall Alice?" he said taking a step closer,

The way he said my name, made me tingly, and shudders run up and down my body but I answered " yeah got a problem with that? And why wont you answer how do you know my name"

"No I don't have a problem with that, and the way I know your name, well that's for me to know" he said moving one step closer

" No it's not for you to know." I said moving one more step backward, finding my self against the lockers.

He leaned closer to me

"yes it is"

My this is so awkward; I need to get out of here.

I looked around to see, the exit ways, and saw one , I pulled his hands from my waist and made a beehive for that. I heard Claire apologize quickly to him on my behalf. "Alice, Alice, Alice!"

She caught up to me.

We walked in silence until we reached our hangout area.

" Alice, that looked pretty intense, you guys looked all over each other."

"Um we weren't," I said quietly, looking outside the window.

"Yeah, sure you keep on saying that, you looked all embarrassed and he looked, shy, it was so cute…." Claire said looking up.

"Yeah that's what you think"

Two weeks later

I was sitting in the library during lunch, cause one more lunch of Claire and Todd making goggle eyes at each other had made me sick, and all their cooing acting like each was a little baby. Sickening. I was sitting in the secluded part, reading Geek High,

It was the cutest book so far that I had ever read. I laughed to myself.

" So what are you smiling about Alice" he asked

I looked up recognizing the voice. He was wearing a green polo with a black hoodie and blue jeans. The whole outfit made his eyes pop out more, his hair shinier, and me more shy. "Nothing much just this book" I replied

"So checking me out for my good looks?" he asked

"What are you doing in the library? Don't you have girls to be making out with" I stood up from my comfy spot on the couch ignoring his question.

He leaned in closer " come here, I have an secret to tell you"

I leaned in closer then he just had to say. " The only girl I want to be making out with is right in front me baby."

Shocked, I looked away, then saw the exit, and began to run, and didn't stop until I got out of there. He made me so nervous and irrational. Then I knew that I really liked him. Because he just made me spark.

I decided that I didn't want to run into him anymore, we would pass each other in the hallway, and I'd hear him say Alice, but I'd keep walking, looking down, and acting as if I'd never heard him. I'd met him three times and I always seemed to make a fool out of myself, but ever since them it was impossible to stop thinking about him. And every time we'd walk in the hallways, I'd always feel his lingering eyes on me and would desperately want to turn around. Then I began to have an obsession about him, I looked through all our yearbooks, and I found out that his name was Jimmy Mender and he was a junior just like me, we had gone to the same school since kindergarten.

One month later

I was walking along quietly to my locker and by myself, because Claire declared that she had " stuff" to do. Yeah right, her and Todd wanted to go to the mall together by themselves. When I was suddenly slammed into the lockers. There were arms on each side of me

Oh god please ill be good, just please don't let it be him, please, I'm sorry I didn't listen to my mom last week, I'm sorry that I didn't put the teddy bear in the right place, I'm sorry that I forgot to pray last night just don't let it be –

I looked up "Jimmy"

He stared back intently, his green eye's dark and looking kind of dangerous,

"So Alice why have you been avoiding me for the past lets see month"

" Um I haven't" I replied looking down.

"Yeah you have, stop lying, you're actually pretty bad at it." He said quietly. I looked up at him, his eyes were unreadable, they were still green, but they seem to be looking too deep into my plain brown ones. I looked down, I would never win staring contests against him, I started playing around with the bracelets on my hands.

" Alice will you look at me" he asked calmly

I kept on looking down at my bracelets;

He took his one of his hands and lifted my chin up so that I was looking directly at him and at nothing else but his intense green eyes.

Gash his eyes are so pretty.

" So why am I here," I said still looking at him

He took a few minutes before he started talking

"It's because.. It's because I like looking at you.. I mean I like you, I've liked you since, the day we met and you knocked me over, and began hitting me, just cause I complimented your shoes. I tried so hard not to think about you but every time I passed you in the hallway I just wanted you to look at me so I could see your beautiful eyes, I just wanted you to pay attention to me for one second, but then you wouldn't, so I had to do this, so now your here and I'm telling you that I have this intense crush on a girl that I met a month ago and this party I got dragged to by my best friend." he finished off. Looking around at everything but me.

I looked at him contemplating.

"You know jimmy" I looked into his eyes, and saw him shudder " It's okay, I got dragged to that party too by my best friend, yeah so I found out what your name is, but I'm not telling you how."

Here goes nothing.

"Okay so I like you a lot, and I knew it ever since you kept on saying my name, it makes me clumsy and irrational and-"

He kissed me, pushing me further and further into the lockers, my hands intertwined with his hair and his arms automatically came around my waist, it was one of those firework kisses, the ones that make everything seem right. Then he pulled away, his green eyes, staring into my brown ones.

"So Alice it was only a red shoe"

"Yup jimmy, it was only a red pump"

" So Alice" he said leaning closer "how did you find out my name"

"Like I'm going to tell you"


"Lets think about this for a moment" I put my hand on my chin to make him think I was thinking, he looked at me totally buying it.

"NO. I'll tell you one day." i replyed opening my locker

I took my stuff out of my locker, he grabbed my hand, and we walked out of the high school.

"Please Alice" jimmy asked

"No jimmy" Alice replied back