Two Guns, One Bullet

Summary: She didn't belong on their side, she was the queen on her side of the tracks and now she must face the other side.

Chapter 1

Their world was not my world, I was not one of them and I never wanted to be but I never get what I want so here I am sitting in the living room of my new families house.

They adopted me you see so now I'm stuck with a sister (Leah) she's my age and is what I assume as the most popular girl in her school she's blonde with blue eyes and the head cheerleader body type but don't get me wrong its not like I don't have a hot body I do I know iv used it to get my way when iv needed to but yeah im like 5'8 so not too short I have long dark brown hair and hazel eyes with a curvy in shape body and what I would say as average sized boobs but im told they look big cause the rest of me is so flat anyway enough about me back to the new family my parents (who for now im gonna call bill and jenny) are the nice rich family their place is like a mansion it is bigger then any place iv lived in before so ill probly get lost but my room is on the second floor so maybe that gives me more space who knows oh and did I mention I have a little brother (will) too he's in year 8 and he seems like he has an attitude that can match mine so at this stage I like him.

After all the introductions are done leah pulls me away so she can tell me about the new school ill be attending as of tomorrow but there's really no need since I already know all about her school as I used to go to their rival school see Harvey High hates Phillips High.

I used to go to Phillips it was the longest place id ever been to or at least the place I always ended up so I was still in touch with all my friends but I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it that way because they always got me in trouble which resulted in me getting kicked out of my families or ending up in a jail cell.

I had a dilemma but back to Harvey high it one hates my school and friends and its king personally doesn't like me mainly cause I was the one who stole his car for jay when he annoyed him or whatever I didn't know what actually happened but jay asked me to do it so I did I was always good with the petty stuff I just had a thing for braking into places sometimes it got me landed in shit cause I wasn't always prepared for what I was doing so I got caught but in general I was good at it.

As I was saying the crowd leah ran with was the all and mighty she was at the top of the food chain with Dominic or dom as his friends called him everyone else stares at him like he's a god I mean he is hot and the whole bad boy thing really does it for me but he's the Harvey king now I know how these circles work cause I was pretty much the queen along side jay of course of Phillips nothing went on without out say so and what not so I know dominic knows me but im not looking forward to being in his territory.

Other than that I hear the school is pretty good academically but who cares bout that I spent most of my time in detention with jay or I was skipping with Malakai who for everyone's information is jays older brother oh yes the good old Stephen brothers everyone knows my story with them the one time I broke up with jay I slept with kai (malakai) that night you know what happens when a girls upset I loved both boys and I would always stick to that if I didn't have one I had the other

"huh what" "haven't you been listening to me" oh leah looks pissed "sorry what were you saying I just spaced out for a sec" "well that's great I was saying that at school don't worry cause you can hang out with me and my friends" oh no she didn't just say that meet my worst nightmare great ok fake smile and "thanks that sounds great" ok vomit now at my fake cheeriness ok she at least looks pleased "ok well ill see you in the morning."

Great now im in my room thank god im alone and iv got 2 missed calls that would be right lucky Iv already unpacked, yes there from jay better call him back and he actually answers wow it's a miracle "hey baby" god I love his voice its just got that deep husky sound that makes girls melt "hey I got a few missed calls from you missing me already?" I say in a teasing voice of course "ha lexie you wish, I was just wondering why you weren't at pins tonight?"

Ah that's why I can hear music around him he's at his brothers club looking for me aw how sweet na his brother runs the gang in that area which at his age is almost unheard of but kai was always really smart and disciplined so I wasn't surprised.

"Na sorry had to meet the rents you know and I start at the hell hole tomorrow so I wanted to at least show up without a pounding head" this just sets jay off once he's done laughing at me which takes at least five minutes he finally says something "im sad to hear that now ill have to talk to my brother but I see your point will you at least make an appearance tomorrow I think we might need you since kai has another business deal on at the moment" "k so you guys need me to steal something really feeling the love na you guys know ill do anything for ya " and that was it we didn't say goodbye we just hung up he knew id show tomorrow just cause he asked but it was funny those brothers were in a good position in their lives I mean jay ran the school while kai ran everything else, ok time for bed hopefully when I wake ill be in either jay or kais bed and ill still be at Phillips with everything going good.