Chapter 8:

Chapter 8:

Once jim and scott left me and logan stared at each other for a long time before I finally cracked I mean I hate silent staring games its freaky "so am I aloud to drive home and get the stuff I'm gonna need if I'm staying here? Logan and about 5 other guys raised their eyebrows and logan said "and what stuff would this be? I rolled my eyes trust a guy not to think of clothes and toiletries I mean does he think I'm gonna use his body wash I might be a girl who knows how to use a gun but I like my own shampoo too. "I need clothes and stuff logan you know these things I have on my body and the stuff I use so I smell all nice" dom laughed at this and I realised he was still here, its funny how the guy who always watches gets forgotten well I mean on this ground anyway I think its just his brother that overshadows him ha wonder that.

"Alright princess lets go get your stuff" I gave him a weird look 'lets' does he think he's coming "um I'll go get my stuff then be right back k? he shakes his head so close yet so far huh but no my angel speaks up "logan you should get lexie's space ready and I'll go with her" dom said and while I was jumping up and down at this idea I saw the look shared with dom and logan they wanted something grrrrrr.

"Sure bro you go with her make sure she brings back clothes we will like I know that kai and jay brought her some naughty outfits for her birthday's so I expect to see all of them" I gaped at him for a moment then said "how do you know about those? Logan smiled "The first time dom and jay clashed was your birthday and I had to go over to kai's with dom and a few boys of course and when we got there the club was raging, we were shown to a back room which was holding a smaller party jim, scott, jay, kai and a few girls were there but you know who stood out." At this point he raised his eyebrows and continued "you. Do you remember what she was wearing dom? Dom shrugged and said "yeah I remember me and my hand got real cosy thinking about it all night." There was laughter all around the room before he continued jesus these people take forever to retell a story "you were up spinning round a pole in your own little world grinding up and down in this cop outfit with little shorts and a top that zipped up leaving half your boobs out, you had handcuffs hanging of a belt loop and on the floor next to you was a bat and a hat and logan said that's the only cop you'd want to get close to with we laughed and were kicked out 5 minutes later saying we had come at a bad time and to fuck off I believe was how jim said it malakai and jay didn't even look at us all eyes were on you or should I say your ass and boobs which were barley covered" after that speech logan licked his lips and both boys looked like they were remembering me spinning round the pole I just smiled and said "oh dom should of waited another year cause in the next year they got me a naughty school girl outfit thigh high boots and all" all the guys had smiles on now and I could just imagine they were quiet pleased with this news pervs all of them and now that I took notice all of the girls which were obviously there groupies were looking pissed off at me for stealing there attention oh well my bad hahah.

"okay boys stop drooling and dom if were going lets hit it I want to have all my shit ready at a reasonable hour" this seemed to snap him into action cause dom practically shot out the door saying "c'mon then lets move."

Once we got to my place I was surprised to see will who was sitting on the couch with a bunch of his friends but when he saw dom enter behind me he said "nice lex already got yourself a fuck buddy sorry to disappoint but I think your old ones in your room we heard someone swear up there you might want to let him know he can use the door" "whoa steady on will its probably jay he's like my best friend and I'm not fucking dom and why does an eighth grader know about this stuff" I heard dom chuckle behind me and then he said "I'll give you a few minutes with him then I'm coming up to help pick out your wardrobe for your stay" he said this with a evil glint in his eye which meant I would probably be walking around in slutty max slut slut uniform for the next two weeks when will spoke up again "going somewhere sis?" I shrugged and said "yeah I'm being held hostage for two weeks but ill be back in between and if you need to get in touch with me I'll have my phone and leah will probably be over there on and off too so its not that big a deal" just then I heard a bang from upstairs and im guessing kai just called jay cause its sounds like he's taking his anger out on my wall not good better stop him.

With these thoughts I rushed up the stairs and flung my door open to find jay standing there with his hand through the wall a comical look on his face and once he turned to me he smiled and said "hey lex that's never happened before I think your parents bought cheap walls" I just laughed at him until he snapped at me "are you going to help me get my arm out or not" and then I laughed harder but went to get him out he was too adorable for his own good with the puppy dog look he was giving me. Once he was out of the wall I pulled jay in for a hug it felt like it'd been forever since it was just me and jay doing stupid shit, just having fun things had gotten serious once I got in with kais crew and it sometimes felt like I didn't get to be the kid jay brought out I mean when we were stealing cars and crap it was all for fun and to just be alive and stupid you never had to get codes or worry about anything and that's why he was always my baby and I could never cut him off. He could clearly feel me thinking cause he shook me a bit and whispered "I heard bout the 'swap' just play it like one of our games you know how to do this and when your down I'll come around alright don't stress kai said he specified you keeping your schedule which means hardly anything is going to change your still going to be able to see us and do what you want just the bed you sleep in will be different its not bad have a bit of trust girl we wouldn't leave you high and dry" "thanks babe I needed that alright I'm back just needed my bear thanks for always being here jay, how did you get in by the way" he looked a little sheepish and said "I'm going to fix the window I broke don't worry" I laughed punched his arm, told him he better then grabbed a bad and put all of the plans and stuff kai gave me for the job.

I turned to see what had jay all silent, what I saw made me roll my eyes jay and dom were standing in my room staring each other down I walked through them to get my toiletries and stuff I would need for grooming and what not and well guess what guys the boys were still staring when I returned and put this stuff in a different section of my bag don't wont the clothes to get wet if it leaks. Finally I had enough I turned hands on hips and said "if you boys don't stop it I am only packing sweat pants and big jumpers I have from the guys and you wont be seeing any bunny or school girl outfits" this snapped doms head to me and he looked almost fearful ah the power of cleavage and jay just laughed and said "now that's why we love you lex and tell me again why we haven't gotten a leather dominatrix outfit with that pose you would fit the image" I whacked him over the head he's such a tool sometimes but you gotta love the charmer.

By this point dom was in my closet and he had found my birthday outfits which were all finding there way into my bag I mean I didn't need all of them, I faked a slight cough and dom looked over to me where I raised a eyebrow he just shrugged grabbed like 3 tops with only one of them being decent and 2 jeans and 3 mini skirts great looks like I'm all spoken for while jay seemed to get excited about this too he pulled out another bag since doms was practically full now and put in shoes a few pairs of my favourite heels including my thigh boots and then he grabbed like 5 pairs of globes (their skate shoes) and chucked em in before turning to my underwear draw where him and dom stood in front and looked like they were about to go into battle but just before they dived in I walked in front of them opened the draw chucked like 5 bras at dom and 6 thongs at jay then shut the draw unfortunately jay had to say "hey lex do you still have the edible underwear I got you?" I saw the look dom had and new he wanted to find said pair of underwear pervs I tell you but I said to both of them "I have a dildo that's gonna find your ass if my stuff doesn't find the bag" ah success iv never seen guys run faster for a bag to deposit underwear. Okay all packed "now grab a bag each boys and lets head out I can get more stuff and wash in a few days since I'm sure I'm going to need to have real clothes not the crap you guys packed" and off I was feeling dare I say it a little excited I always enjoyed my job its why I did it and I think I was definitely going to have fun with this one.

When we got back it was to find only logan and the door guy playing a video game in the corner we stood there for about 20 seconds before dom said "dude were here where is everyone?" logan smiled and I could here loud music in the distance but jumped as logan shouted "WINNER ha you lose okay sorry dom my boys are in the back having a private party, ty is hanging with your friends and I was waiting for you two so we could give lexie a tour of her room/s and we can run through the rules" I raised an eyebrow and said "rules" like it was a foreign word I didn't understand which well it kinda was I mean I didn't like rules especially when they were just put on me well I'll have fun braking them so I better listen as logan tells me " aren't to go into any of the doors except your room. At this he pointed to all the doors surrounding us. We'll put a big X on the door or something so you know which one it is but otherwise you only enter the others with someone either from my crew your sister doesn't count but otherwise everyone else should be fine. 2 no one from malakais crew is aloud inside the house if you want to see them go out were not having the enemies crew over for dinner and that includes jay he's as bad as his brother and I don't want to have to buy new furniture. 3 na actually I think that's pretty much it if I think of anything else I'll let you know but otherwise if you follow the rules everything should be fine" I smirked and said "what are you going to do if I brake the rules spank me" it was not meant to be taken so literally but I could already see logan enjoying the idea of that yay me not logan and dom shared a look then dom said "we will handcuff you to someone at all times that you are in the house if you brake the rules and it will probably be one of logans big dirty dudes that means bathroom brakes together, sleeping together and showering together" "okay I get it all hell if I brake the rules got it now where's my bed"

"as I've said princess you can have mine" I raised an eyebrow and dom chuckled and said "your room is going to be the guest room between mine and logans but before that how about a fashion show because those outfits are hot" I just chuckled and said "why not if you've got a pole ill even show you what I can do on that" to this dom looked like he was in boy heaven while logan just smirked at me cocky bastards oh well I guaranty ill have the last laugh when there speechless and sprouting hard ons.

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