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Title: Father

Author: Me!

Summary:My take on a girl's life and father which I witnessed on television and decided to turn into a one-shot. Does she have a father?

A/N: On a television show I watched a girl pour out her anger, hurt and other emotions about her father and decided to try and put myself in her situation, in her shoes and write up a one-shot. I thought I'd try something different. )

Please tell me what you think. Enjoy! Constructive criticism is appreciated and considered!

I don't have a father.

See there is a man who is married to my mother at the moment who is apparently partly responsible for conceiving me. The other person responsible, of course, is my mother. That's all I know that would make the man fit my father's description.

I mean a father is supposed to love you unconditionally right? Well, this man does not love me unconditionally. The only times I've seen any signs of affection were followed by an order or asking of a favour.

When I was younger, he abused me to no end. I can still remember the days he abused my mother and I stood there in my helpless, child body. I watched my mummy being beaten by the man who people say is my biological father- whatever that's supposed to imply.

Once upon a time I did think he was my father. I foolishly believed that the man who is partly responsible for conceiving me was actually my father.

I would sit in class with my friends and listen to how their fathers always sided with them, show their affections to them and not even a slight attribute fitted my father. I was in disbelief of course. I gathered that the man was either twisted or was not my father.

Of course I chose the former. Only until his true face showed did I stick with this.

He had nothing but us. 'Had' because he lost us too. He lost the only thing that was loyal to him because he was not loyal to us. He chose them over us. He chose the wrong-doers, the people who were also using him. He backstabbed us and now, after I had tried so hard to forget the past and accept this man as my father, I chose the latter; I discovered and finally understood that this man did not even have a slight attribute of what my friends said because he was not my father.

I guess I'll never have a father.