Ok, so this is my CAP from school. I decided to post it jsut for the sake of posting it... i split it up, but im going to post it all in one go. so enjoy! reviews would be nice, but it's okay if u don't want to because I've already finished this and thus don't need any motivation lolz.

From the moment I saw him, I knew I would hate him. I knew I would hate his deep green eyes, his messy brown hair, his lopsided smirk, and even the way he walked. As everyone else in the hall was parting to make way for him as they goggled, I stopped right in the middle, defying his very existence. But what really made me mad was that he just walked by me without even saying a word –not even a 'hi.' The nerve of that guy! I mean, I knew that I wasn't really anything special with my wavy black hair and bright blue eyes (and a somewhat flat chest, I'm reluctant to admit), but that doesn't mean that he couldn't even look at me! That small act started what would be a very long and tiring rivalry. The question is, how would it end?

"Hey Raincloud! We gonna have any rain today? You look pretty full –your stomach is bulging and you're all short, stubby, and podgy!"

"Shut up, Tristan! We all know you're describing yourself. Haven't you looked in a mirror lately?" I shouted back.

"Have you?"

"Yes, and I saw a girl. I bet you saw a girl too when you looked in the mirror!" I shouted behind me before speeding up. Tristan was going to make me late to class again. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to see him but a few inches from my face.

"Do I really look so bad?" he asked, sounding sincere. What an act. But I couldn't help but get lost in his deep, emerald eyes that seemed to gaze straight through my soul. I shook my head out of his trance, turned around, and walked away. "Do I?" he called, sounding almost desperate. I ignored him, but I already knew my answer. It echoed in my head, over and over, taunting me with its inner meaning.

'No…no…no…no…,' it called.

'But no! He was an idiot who cared nothing for others and only for himself! He was the pompous freak that I hated!'

'But you know he looks nice. Don't lie to yourself –you know you like him…'

'No! I don't! That's the point! His looks don't fool me –I know what he really is!'

'Do you?'

'Yes! Of course I do!'

'You mean you wish you did and you just don't want to face the truth. You like him.'

'Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.'


'Ok, so here I am having a conversation with my mind and losing. Did I sleep on my stomach again?'

'Yes, you did. It was very comfortable too.'

'Oh shut up. Nobody asked for your input.'

'But I did. I don't need to ask you. I am you.'

'Oh just stop. You're making me late.'

'You're always late anyways.'

'That's because of Tristan. But now we're back on the same point, so I'm going to just ignore you.'

'You can't ignore your heart forever.'

'Just watch me.'