Just as I was about to black out, I heard a great deal of heavy footsteps enter the apartment and my throat was released. I blacked out for a few seconds before curling up on the floor and sobbing my heart out. All of my surroundings disappeared and all I could see and hear was myself crying and sobbing, curled up in a ball. I was being sucked into a darkness so deep that it was deeper than depression and death themselves. I didn't try to fight it, but instead relaxed and began to let it take over me.

I was almost immersed completely when I felt familiar arms pick me up and cradle me close to their owner's chest.

"Tristan!" I sobbed, wailing into his shirt. He hugged me even closer and I wrapped my arms as tightly around him as possible, ignoring the splitting pain in my skin. He took me outside, down the steps of the apartment, and into the woods across the street. Everything was so quiet –it was just him and me.

"How did you know?" I cried.

"The door bounced back open and I was still standing there. I called the police while Fai and I distracted him. Thank god that Fai and May live close…"

"Oh," I uttered. I hadn't seen either of my two friends, but then, I hadn't seen anyone other than myself and the boy holding me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked softly but desperately, his eyes globes of hurt.

"I didn't want you to get hurt," I sobbed. "Why are you being so nice to me? You hate me…"

"No, Rayn. I never hated you. I never could. You have brought flowers and life into my existence and saved me from the desert I would have been in without you. I know that you may not have known until recently, but Rayn, I…I…," he trailed off.

"What? You what?" I cried softly.

"Rayn…I…I love you." He looked down as though he were going to cry. He loved me! But did I love him back? I thought we hated each other.

'There's a fine line between hate and love, you know,' my inner voice said.

'Yes, but which side of that line am I on? I can't be in love with him! He's too perfect…to angelic…to nice. I don't deserve him. Even my own father abuses me because I'm not worthy enough,' I thought back bitterly.

'You know that's not true. You know it. Don't lie to yourself; you'll just end up hurting yourself and the others around you. Look deeper. You'll see.'

I truly thought about this, digging deeper and deeper into my brain than I had ever gone before. But I realized that I was looking in the wrong place. My brain had thus far been wrong. It might be wrong again.

I looked even deeper into my heart this time to find a small chamber there, blocking me from the thoughts and feelings I had blocked out. I charged in and sought for the one I needed; love.

Sure enough, it was there, a string tied around it and stretching towards the boy in front of me. But it couldn't be true! Since when did I love Tristan?

'You know. Don't lie to yourself. Believe in your feelings,' the voice finished and for once, I listened. I listened to the one voice that had always been right this far and yet I had never once listened to it. Now was the time to listen to it if not ever. And I listened with all my heart, setting my brain aside for once in my life.

I loved him! I loved Tristan!

At this point, Tristan looked like he was actually going to break from sorrow. He thought that I didn't love him! But then again, so did I. But that was before. I knew now. I knew the truth! I was doing the right thing this time!

"I…I…," I began, not quite sure how to voice the words I had never spoken before.

"It's okay. I know you don't love me back. I'm sorry to put you in such an awkward position," he whispered in a broken voice, looking even farther down. I gently lifted his chin so that he was looking into my eyes.

"No, Tristan. No. You're misunderstanding," I began, my voice soft and gentle. "I…I…I love you too. With all my heart," I finished in a whisper. His eyes widened as realization dawned upon his face. I smiled faintly, suddenly shy after my confession.

He smiled the lop-sided grin that I had before thought of as a hated smirk though now I realized that I loved it. Leaning closer, he pulled me tenderly onto his lap. I stared up into his eyes as we leaned in closer and closer.

In a single moment, our lips touched and I knew that everything was going to be all right. Everything was fine. In that soft, gentle kiss, I found the love that my heart had unconsciously been yearning for. I found Tristan and I found a life; a life of love, happiness, and safety. I'd never truly had a life like that, but I knew that I could try it out. And this made me happier because I knew that I wouldn't be trying it alone.

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