A sweet little story about a little angel sent to earth

Everyone knows the stories about how babies come to their mammies and daddies, but from where do they come? This story is about from where the babies come.

Babies are actually little angels send from heaven to make the days of people more pleasant, going to earth is a very important task and not every angel is blessed with the privilege to go to earth. One day, a little angel got the task to go to earth. The little angel thought awhile about the task and had some doubts, our friend the little angel went to God to ask for answers. When our friend arrived by the place he could find God, he saw God sitting, smiling at him. The little angel bowed as low as his little body allowed him to, he looked up and said: "God, I have some questions about earth and my task" God nodded and said "Well, ask them, I'll answer them if I can" The little angel smiled and asked: "When I'm on earth, what can I exactly do? I'm so small and I cant walk, what do I have to do?" God smiled as he heard the question and answered: "I've send an angel to be your guardian to take care of you, don't worry, she'll learn you walk and with her help you'll grow into a big and mature human being." The little angel was very happy, but he still had questions, the little angel asked: "But how do I tell the guardian what's wrong? How do I tell her what I need help with?" God smiled as he already knew the answer: "When you call her she'll come and will always know what's the matter." The angel asked: "But I heard earth is a dangerous place! Will I be safe?" God answered: "The guardian will protect you and keep you safe" "But how will I stay alive? When I have my body I will need food, but I wont have teeth to chew with, how will that be solved?" "Don't worry, the guardian will always find the right food for you to eat" But if I'm sick? How will I be cured?" "The guardian will always find the medicine you need and will always stay by your side, even if it seems impossible to heal." The angel was convinced about the greatness of the guardian God send to earth but was still concerned about a few things. The little angel asked: "But if the guardian is ill? I'm too small to help her, who's gonna help her?" "There will be another guardian beside the angel I told you about, he will stay by the other guardian and vice versa." "And if I'm sad? How will they help me?" "They second guardian I told you about will be a very funny guardian, he will always be able to make you laugh." The little angel was totally convinced and couldn't wait to go to earth, but one thing was stuck in his mind, so he asked: "I still have one more question God, How will I recognize them? What will I call them? God smiled as he suspected this question so he answered: "They have many names, but for you will the first guardian be Mum and the second guardian will be Dad."

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