It amazes me how quickly he's become my Monday morning inspiration
Ironic, because he himself has rarely seen the sun
Even if we weren't willing away the time with talking
It seems the future is moving faster than we can run

But we'll just sit back and listen to our hearts beating together in three/four time
And rhyme the words that constantly fill our ears
I'll gladly lie to you if it brings two more minutes of neutrality
Honestly, we're running out of ways to justify these tears

For now I will simply apologize for staring
Cause you're stalling conversations when you fail to meet my eyes
Darling, lean in a bit closer and pretend you can trust me
Look through the glass to see I have no disguise

Now give me a moment before we say our goodbyes
(I'm so tired of living in these dreams that have shattered)
I know you won't be here forever but maybe
someday you'll look back and realize you always mattered