"Girls are icky!" a small, young boy yelled, a pack of three similar boys surrounding him. A group of girls stood across from them, looks of mischief, shock, and horror crossed their faces.

"Come on, you gotta! I triple dog dared you!" Cheyenne, the tallest of the girls screeched.

"Yea? Well you smell like my stinky dog!" The most different of the three said to the boy. Her hair, unlike her two friends, was long, curly and platinum blonde. Bright green eyes accented her angelic porcelain colored face. Although her beauty labeled her as a princess in the third grade, she was no girly-girl. She was the nicest, quietest girls in their class, said all the teachers, but her shyness faded around her friends.

"Well at least I have my two front teeth!" The boy yelled, gasping at his own words "Wait….I mean…"

The girls face turned to a soft pink as she covered her mouth. "I hate you Michael McKinley!" she cried, her speech muffled by her hand. She angrily kicked the boy in the shin before running to an empty swing.

"Marie! Wait!" Cheyenne called, running after her best friend. His friends snickered as they watched.

"What?" The third girl, Ruby asked, her soft eyes studying the boys. They shook their heads secretively as the two girls came back to where the large group stood. Marie narrowed her eyes at her 'enemy', Michael.

"Are you okay?" Michael mocked. Her eyes widened into puppy dog eyes as their teacher began to blow her whistle, signaling the end of recess. The whistle tweeted maniacally, the tweets becoming loud beeps. The beeps of a 14 year old Marie's alarm clock, awakening her from her dream.

Okay so a short prologue to start of the story. I really appreciate reviews and any creative criticism. Sorry for any possible grammar or typing mistakes. It might be a little hazy right now on who's who, but I'll make sure to clear it up in the coming chapters. I'm in the middle of typing up the second chapter. Tell me what you guys think!