Chapter Two

A few hours later at a shabby hotel!

"Get out and carry your bags freckles." Matt called as if daring her to run.

She gave him a nasty look. He had been ignoring her for two hours. Ever since she had woken up from fainting, he had not said a word. Suddenly, Matt turned to look at her.

"I said get out. Or shall we have a repeat?'" He asked threatning her.

Lydia squirmed in her seat. She though for a moment. Slowly she got out of the car and followed him grumbling . He used the key card and opened the door and spun on her.

"Will you hurry!" Matt snarled cleary getting angry.

"Why so you can watch wrestling and see a bunch of fake gay guys wrestle. Yeah well this girl does n't have the brain capusity of a snail." Lydia shot back.

Matt dropped the key card he closed the distantce between them and his face angry and in hers. His eyes were a blaze as he spat at her. " I should have killed you when I had the chance. All I demand is hustle, loyalty and respect. Out of those three things you have showed me nothing." Matt cracked his knuckles. " Now I have hustled you into a car so you wouldn't get hit by a car. I've had enough loyalty to not leave you in a the middle of nowhere. And I've had enough respect to lend you a blanket and let you sleep. So I say this in the most respectful way I can manage at this point in time. SHUT UP BEFORE I MAKE YOU SHUT UP FOR GOOD." Matt grabbed her arm and threw her into the room.

He stormed in after her, tossing a bag at her. It hit her stomach and she fell back onto the floor again.

"Go change."

She opened the bag and glanced inside.

"These are guy clothes." Lydia rolled her eyes.

He hit her upside the head, "You don't think I know that?!"

Lydia shrank back, watching him for him before she picked up the bag and retreated into the bathroom.

Almost an hour later, she emerged, showered and changed. As she had guessed, the clothes were much to big for her, but the belt at the lowest setting held up the extremely baggy pants and the overside shirt was more then comfortable for her to sleep in for the night. she looked at Matt. He was busy flipping channles.

"Are you happy now Punk."

Matt glared at her and shook hsi head. He continued to flip the channles till he found the wrestling channle. Lydia stared at him .

"Just kill me now this is worst then tortuter." She started to complain. Matt slienced her with a look.

"Listening to you is torture." He remarked angrly. He patted the bed. "This where your sleeping I'll sleep on the floor."

"Oh how noble your such a punk." Lydia growled through clenched teeth.

"Look I don't like you and visa versa. But I'm trying to have respect which you aren't making any easier. So could you please shut up." Matt spat glaring daggers at her.

"Only if you do punk." Lydia scoffed.

"CM!" Matt said clenching his jaw.

"Pardon?" She said with a wicked smiled.

"I perfer CM punk."

" You mean that trashy wrestler." Lydia laughed.

Matt let out a deep breath. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out handcuffs. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the head rest. He handcuffed her to it and sighed.

"Much better." Matt grinned.

Lydia stared at his actions. "I hope you die." She grumbled grimly.

"You first, you first." Matt spat and turned around ignoring her and watching his show.