Author's Note: This is about a landscape and how everything is protected by little things, but what all
it is really under is mother nature's care. Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! -Passion


Under the golden sun,
The grass sweetly roasts,
As a marshmellow would over a fire.

Under the soft, innocent sky
Clusters of sluggish trees
Stand, Motionless as the breeze
Sways their leaves from side to side.

Under the vigorous breaths of the wind,
The jungle of grass conceals
The bug-sized pebbles,
But the elephant-like rocks
Jut out as far as they can for they want to
be noticed by the motherly sun.

The distant lake has no worries
For it is protected by the trees surrounding it
like a mother would it's newborn baby.

The golden sun, innocent sky,
Breaths of the wind, and teh distant lake
Are all, under mother nature's care
Like a shepard would its sheep's,
Forever until the end.