Author's Note: Alright this is about, a person wanting the one they love to look deeper inside them,
for they don't know what's expected. As always, feedback is appreciated! -Passion

~*~Looking Deep~*~

Make it transparent,
Make it clear,
Look in the inside,
Energy sparks a fire.
Can't you admire, what's in me.
It's so astonishing and fill of sentiment.

You'll discover a barricade of unity
And if you sink throught to profound measures,
You'll find I'm not what you contemplated me to be.

It's more, way more
It's so massive, not even the almight Hercules
Could over power what's inside

But to understand the altitude of greatness
You have to look through deep, way deep
So deep that it will form a valley
All you have to do now is understand that
I love you.