Author's Note: This is about a lake that has no movement in the water, and it is represented
as a creature dreaming and then as movement by wind, boats nearby, woodchips fall, etc..the
dream *stillness* evaporates! Alright I basically said it but that's ok..anyways, feedback is appreciated!


While the transparent lake
Sleeps gracefully
It's dreams are wonderous
And it's imagination is tasty
Almost as good as cotton candy
On an August Day

It's dreams are of thriving trees and plants
That grow in the extravagant underground world
The woodships stumble from the common breeze
That occasionally passes by,
Making muted ripples in the layers of the water.

Out of nowhere, the lake a rises,
Startled by the ripples and the dream evaporates forever
Until the lake calms, and the plants and scrubs settle.