I think about you day and night

To you I don't exist

Why have I never shared your mind?

I'm gone, void like in mist.

I've been discarded from your heart

You have no place for me

I've been exiled from your thoughts

Chose by your souls decree

I sometimes wish I should have stayed

To you I'm just a barricade

An obstacle holding you back

I feel I've been deeply betrayed

So why should you endure my care?

I mean nothing to you

You leave, I cast an empty stare

My worlds been ripped in two

You are to me like air I breathe

I'll never let you go

Your charity of lax; I seethe

I hope by now you know

I care for you more than myself

My efforts shade in vain

By now I should have understood

Its care for me you feign.

-Lurid Black-