The Paths We Choose

We move on through the heartbreak
We trudge on through the dark
In our hands we carry
Our hopes broken apart

But time don't stop movin
No time keeps its pace
So forward we're marching
Though tears touch our face.

There's no way to win
But plenty to lose.
There's no body unbroken
In this path we choose.

So why keep on goin?
Why lift up our chins?
The punches keep coming
For all of our sins.

I'll tell you why
It's this thing that I know
That no matter what
You've gotta go with the flow.

Take what life gives you
But make your own choice.
And when others abuse you
Just raise up your voice.

There's no way to win
At this game we all play
It's life and its hard
Every night and all day

You can't win when you're fightin
Against all other souls
You can't win when you're hating
When you won't let shit go.

It's life and it's calling
For you to forget all your pains
Just pick up your feet
And move on towards your fate.

There's lots left to lose
But you know what to do?
Keep trudgin on
Cause it's your path to choose.