I can't tell if its day or night outside. Well inside, too, I guess.

My day started when I smoothly woke up from, i cant describe it as anything other than a nap well i looked around and everything was as it should be. you know my shoes set on my bedroom floor not tidy but they were all in one piece and that meant a lot to me.

I drove for a bit. I stopped and drawn my attention toward some shiny things.

It sounds like I'm trippin' the way I say it like that.

Well I really meant i drove to the mall and went in that store whats it called right inside the door and looked at knives

Really it wasn't for me, but i bought this keychain like a butterfly knife

It;s cool looking, the knife, i mean and it may be useful to me once i take the time to sharpen it

I didn't though

The knife doesn't matter anyway. Its stupid.

I might have told you a story about when I walked my ferret the floor melted

Or when I was trying to type this the whole thing exploded.

Anything would have been more interesting than that stupid knife

and I just didnt do it