There is such a thing as W.M.T. but not many people know what it is. To find out its meaning one must travel deep into the Atlantic Ocean. This is exactly what a group of intrepid explorers have endeavoured to do. They are, right at this moment, entering a maze that, provided they don't go crazy, will lead them to the answers they seek.

There are four of these intrepid explorers whose names are Sylvanus, Erasmus, Valentine and Horatio. We join them now, as they are deep in conversation.

"I say we go left!" said Horatio.

"No, we should go right!" cried Sylvanus. The two of them were arguing as usual.

"Why don't we compromise and go straight ahead?" suggested Valentine.

"Why don't we give up and go home?" said Erasmus in a sarcastic manner.

Everyone looked at him until Sylvanus cried, "Forwards!"

So they went straight ahead. This started them on a twisting and turning journey that brought them to a hollowed out area filled with threatening signs.

Some of the signs said: 'Turn back, lest ye suffer PAIN!' or 'Beware! W.M.T.' Yet another said: 'Death will come slowly if you continue on your quest!' and a small sign that had red writing said: 'Red is the colour of pain!'

None of the four of them was put off by the threats. Instead, they walked out the exit. Nothing was going to stop them from finding the meaning of W.M.T.

After what Sylvanus dubbed as the Hollow of Threatening Signs (H.T.S.), they came to a fork in the passageway. There were bones littering one corridor whereas the other was well lit, although with what they could not imagine. That is, until Erasmus explained, "The well lit corridor leads to the darkest depths of hell, where the most despicable souls spend eternity!"

"One would wonder where one, such as yourself, would come across such charming information as this," said Sylvanus.

"Yes. One would, wouldn't one?" agreed Erasmus, without elaborating, much to Sylvanus' infuriation. As a result of this revelation, they opted for the corridor with bones.

When they neared the end of the corridor, they could hear voices and cries of pain. At this Valentine, Horatio and Sylvanus became very afraid until Erasmus rallied them on. They banded together and continued on towards their objective.

They found themselves on a ledge overlooking a hollow, not H.T.S. There were many machines with different coloured lights. In the glow of these lights, hundreds of beings were hard at work. It was at this point that they heard a grunting sound from behind them. Then each of them felt a searing, white-hot pain torturing the back of their heads, then darkness.

A few hours later, Sylvanus awoke to find a weird monkey standing over him. He stared in dumb shock and the weird monkey asked if he had any questions. Sylvanus managed to say, "Yes. What does W.M.T. mean?"

"That truly is an easy question," answered the weird monkey. "W.M.T. means …" The rest was drowned out by Sylvanus' scream as the WEIRD MONKEY started to TORTURE him.

So I guess we will never know the meaning of W.M.T. Perhaps you will be the next intrepid explorers to find out what W.M.T. means and to uncover the fates of Sylvanus, Erasmus, Valentine and Horatio.