If I Would Die Tomorrow

If I would die tomorrow

Would it take your concern?

Sink into your despair

Or see its what I should earn?

My thoughts are weighed in deep remorse

No solace to be drawn

Tomorrow reaps inept lament

Though will you come to scorn?

Would tears crawl down your morose skin?

Or would you wait in blithe?

To see a smile on your lips

Shows bane; a twisted scythe

My questions remain aerial

Float through aphotic air

To see chaos flow through your seams

To show you hardly care

I look towards the brighter half

And see your vague downfall

But then it all occurs to me

I don't want that at all

If I would die tomorrow

I'd hinder for your mind

One of us would be solemn

I'll keep our sorrow blind

-Lurid Black-