Defining Love: Prologue

By definition, love can be described as one of twenty-eight options:

1) A profound tender, passionate affection for another person

2) A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend

3) Sexual passion or desire (if you want to get technical)

Or my personal favorite 6): a love affair; an intensely amorous incident.

Twenty eight options to choose from to define love, but none of them really make sense to me. It could just be that I'm in denial of ever recognizing it. How do you define a chemical reaction in the human body?

Honestly speaking, if this question was asked six months ago I wouldn't have been able to answer it, but things change; people change; I changed. His name was Jesse and in a thousand different ways, he was the best part of me. He was someone people looked down upon constantly and yet he still retained an air of respect about. In all honesty, I hated him for most of our short time together. He was cold, distant, blunt; he was not afraid to say what was needed to be said, and he never withheld any part of the truth, no matter how much it could hurt someone. He drank, he partied, he even had a kid; he was the guy I shouldn't like; the guy I couldn't like; but he was the guy that I fell for.

Jesse had always been selfish, he never took others feelings or thoughts into consideration, but it made him Jesse, and Jesse cared more than people gave him credit for. That might be why he let go though, sometimes, even the strongest have to fall. I only wish that I could erase history and start all over again, but don't we all? Sometimes, you can't take things back, just like some things can't be defined. Only Jesse allowed me to do the impossible, he defined love in simplest of terms and to this day I hold it dear.

My only wish was that he was with me now.

Can you take what you can

And turn it to Ash

Simply to see

All your dreams turn black?

How are you kidding?

I see that you're hurt

Your face is scratched

And covered with dirt

The sun starts to set

You can't feel a thing

The concrete is cold

Such an ominous thing

You dare to lie down

You need to stand up

You need to be strong

When defining Love

Nobody will help you

When you start to fall

Can you even define

What you can't feel at all?

Hell no, you can't

Don't you even try

A definition of love

Cannot be simplified

So stand up tall

You need to be strong

I'll stand by your side

Until your pain is gone

Sing for the moment

For the here and the now

Just to define our love

You need to learn how

So stand up

And be proud

You know what I mean

Look for the here and now

The there and unseen

The shy and the proud

The world and the sky

The meek and the loud

The time passing by

Come on and stand up

You're Defining Love