Two figures stood upon the Altonian hill, one great and tall while the other was small and young. They spoke in depth, their conversation taking much of the night and allowing for the stars to rise to their full height. The figures faced northward at the beginning of the night but they turned and watched the southern sky as their talk progressed.

"The Fates met Tredias as he crossed into the Plains of Death and kept him from the Abyss," the father said to the son. "They told him what they had planned for his future. They had watched his life unfold and they had seen his strength and prowess. They had witnessed his death, an end that came in his attempt to save his beloved. The Fates, Centarn at their head, offered the great warrior a place at their side. They showed him a future with him lording over mankind and setting challenges before the strong in order to judge their worth. Most appealing, however, was their display of him surviving into the farthest future still free from the oblivion of the Abyss.

"Tredias did not accept right away, though," the father continued. "He looked down upon the world and he saw Ami. He saw her weep over his body even as the Altonian forces reached her. He saw her taken to safety and he saw her take joy in her rescue. As he watched all these things, Tredias saw no value in eternity. If she were separate from him and he were unable to feel her warmth beside him, Tredias wanted no part of immortality. He rejected the Fates.

"The Fates could not give Ami an equal seat among them, so they gave to Tredias a second offer. They would give him his starlight, but she would have to join him in another place. Tredias and Ami would be placed in the southern sky so that they could stand together forever, serving as an example of the passion a warrior should fight with."

"But they did not go immediately, did they?" the son asked. "Otherwise, you would not bear his name."

"Yes, Tori," the father smiled. "Even before she left for her parents home, Ami was pregnant with Meric, who grew into a fine knight and became the first head of our household. Tredias waited until his son had his Acceptance and no longer needed his mother. On that day, he came back to Altonia and took Ami with him.

"So you have a choice to make," the father concluded. "Our line is full of great heroes and as time passes the decision for a name becomes more difficult to make."

"Tredias," the son replied. "Leaf fought with his head and Tredias fought with his heart. That is the path I would prefer."