Boys Will Be Boys

Chapter One

Derek's mouth was hot, wet, perfect, as it slowly, expertly encased Jake's aching cock. Jake moaned, his hands sliding through Derek's hair, but Zack pulled the other boy's hands above his head and held them there.

"No touching," he whispered, and set to ravishing Jake's succulent mouth while Derek sucked him off. Soft vicious whimpers escaped Jake's mouth as Derek stroked Jake's cock with a firm, deliciously wet tongue, up and down and up and down again, base to tip.

"If Mr. K catches us, we're fucked," Jake whispered against Zack mouth, before biting his lip and groaning as Derek hollowed his cheeks and took him deeper.

"You're fucked anyway, babe," Zack whispered, and slammed his mouth down on Jake's to swallow his scream as he came in Derek's mouth.

Hot wanting kisses on wet lips, pounding hearts, callused palms, lean shoulders. Sweat slicking tangled bodies as they pulse in time to the vicious, ravenous rhythm of sex. Hair clings to a face sticky with sweat as a perfect mouth sucks and sucks velvet over iron shaft throbbing with need and hunger. Another slowly pushes against sweet resistance, gentle, slow, sliding into delicious heat. Between the two of them, Zack writhes and cries out, bucking against the blissful sensations of Derek's cock and Jake's mouth. Whimpering, moaning, crying out, he comes with a violent shudder in Jake's mouth, and watches as Jake swallows everything before getting to his feet, his aching shaft standing proud and erect. Derek, moaning at the beautiful sight, finally gives up and comes deep inside Zack with a soft sigh.

"My turn," Jake whispers, and crawls towards them.

"Oh, Jake, oh, fuck, fuck!"

"You like that, don't you, Derek?" Jake's slick cock shoved into Derek, and he gasped and moaned before collapsing against Jake. Heat, beautiful perfect heat, and a warm sticky body to cuddle with. How nice.

"You gonna be my whore, Derek? You gonna be my bitch?" Jake's voice was soft as he began to thrust hard, as he nipped sharply on the curve of Derek's ear. One hand snaked around the other boy's hips, and Jake's ever talented hand wrapped around Derek's cock and began to pump.


"Say fuck me, Jake. Beg me for it." His teeth skimmed over the side of Derek's neck and settled on the carotid artery, sucking hard. Derek's eyes fluttered closed, and he whimpered as he jerked his hips in the rhythm of Jake's wonderful hand.

"Please, Jake, please…."

"Please what, bitch?" Jake's hot wet tongue soothed the red marks from his teeth on Derek's neck, and as he began to shove deep inside, Derek began to cry out, high, almost girlish cries.

"Jake, Jake!"


"Oh, fuck me, Jake! Please! Make me come!"

"Easy," Jake whispered, and pumped his hand. Derek squeaked as hot, white come poured over Jake's hand as Jake himself came hard inside the other band boy, and allowed himself to fall back against the head board of the bed, sighing.

"What about me?" Zack murmured, sounding put out. As if he hadn't just been soundly fucked not ten minutes ago. "I want some love, too."

"I need a break, I think you killed me, Jake," Derek mumbled, and rolled off the bed onto the mound of blankets on the floor.

"Aw. Isn't he cute?" Jake asked, voice a wicked whisper before turning and pulling Zack toward him. "You make me so hard, Zack. God, I can't fucking stand it. Lie down, and listen to me."

Zack stared up at Jake from where his head lay pillowed on the bed. "What do you want me to do?"

"Touch yourself for me, baby. I wanna watch you come, but you're so fucking hot I get distracted every time."

Zack wrapped his hand around his fully erect, throbbing, aching cock and began to stroke himself, eyes drifting shut against the sweet pleasure. Jake laid himself out on his stomach and began nuzzling the soft skin over Zack' heart before lapping at one of his nipples with a warm wet tongue.


"Keep going, baby, don't mind me," Jake whispered before catching Zack' mouth in a hungry kiss. When the other boy's touch began to falter, Jake wrapped a knowing hand around him and began to jerk, firm but gentle, and soon Zack was gasping and writhing and panting beneath Jake, moaning.

"Wanna come for me?" Jake asked.

"Mmm… oh, fuck, Jake!"

"Wanna come, baby? You know you want to."

"Jake! God!"

One more hot wet desperate kiss, tongues thrusting in tandem to pumping hands, breath mingling, bodies pressed so tight, and then sweet slick hot wet splashing their chests, their stomachs, and Jake's hand as Zack screamed, "FUCK!"

"Well…." Jake grinned, and began to lick Zack' chest. "You need a shower." Zack started to sit up. "Oh, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere."

"I think it's time we took control, don't you, Derek?" Zack murmured, gently massaging Jake's stomach and chest. Everytime Jake shifted, his body clenched around Zack' cock. "I wanna fuck you, Jake."

"When are we gonna fuck Brittany?" Derek asked almost absently as he began to lick the slick head of Jake's throbbing cock. Jake jumped, fell back against Zack with a moan as Derek licked and gently nipped at the tip of his cock, catching the sticky drops of sweetness on his tongue.

"We'll fuck her next time," Jake managed to gasp. "Now fuck me."

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