"Now... where were we?" Jake growled in her ear, and she shivered in anticipation.

"Come for me, baby, sweet sweet baby, come for me," Jake growled, lips pressed against Brittany's ear as his fingers, glistening wet with her cream, stroked over her clit and his cock surged hotly into her.

"Jake! Jake, I can't... can't... have to... Jake, please, J-Jake!"

He braced himself to keep his weight off her, his free hand coming up to cup her soft breast, rolling her taut nipple between his fingers, his mouth clamping down over her pulse to eat it like candy, butterfly sweet in his mouth, his tongue laving over her skin, and when he began to fuck her with wild abandon, pounding his cock into her so that she cried out, his fingers rubbing against her clit and tugging on her nipple in time to the thrusting of his aching shaft inside her, she came with a scream, splashing his cock with glorious sweet sticky wet pleasure, and he laughed, and let himself fill her with hot liquid white, groaning against her throat.

When they both came down, they noticed Derek, Zack, and Rafael coming, in various forms of sexual satisfaction. Jake turned his attention to Brittany, who was still keening as her body rippled with aftershocks.

"I have to say," Jake whispered when Brittany finished screaming her beautiful O-scream of release and fell against Mr. K's desk, "that watching you come all over my cock is probably one of the most beautiful things I'll ever see in my life."

"There's only one thing as gorgeous as watching my cock fucking you, and watching you coming all over me, so wet and sexy and beautiful," Jake whispered in her ear, and she shivered. He had to put his hands back on the desk to take his weight, but he bucked his hips against Brittany's ass, reminding her that yes, he was still buried deep inside her tight, wet body.

"What's that?" She managed to ask. He began to slowly fuck her, drawing out inch by precious inch before sliding back in, so very... very... very... slowly. "Oh, Jake!"

"Watching you suck my cock, when you're on your knees and your hair is in your face and my hands are in it and you're just sucking and sucking on me till I come and come hard because you're just so good..."

So very slowly into her, slowly out again, hot hard heat and velvet muscle and teeth in her shoulder, nipping hard, before a warm wet tongue licks it all better.

"And then, watching you come with my fingers inside you. You're such a little whore when I fuck you with my fingers. You beg me for it, you writhe on our bed," his voice was so husky and low and hungry as he groaned in her ear, "fucking yourself on my fingers, whispering my name, screaming when I make you come, your body so wet with it, God, Brittany, Brittany," his voice shaking with suppressed need, he's trembling as he tries to keep going painfully slow, "Brittany, God, my fucking God, you're so beautiful, I... fuck!"

Thrusting hard, he hit her sweet soft spot just once and she comes again, screaming, "Yes, Jake, yes, yes, YES!"

"Are you my whore?" He asked softly, growling.

"Oh, yes..."

"Are you gonna suck my cock for me?"


"And then can I eat you? Taste us together on your skin? See just how sweet you are?"

"Please, yes..."

"That's my girl..."