Recently, I found out that reality was not what it was cracked up to be. So, I began to think. What if I wrote something that showed that while also addressing something that I had been wanting to address for the longest time in a storyline that would be a tribute to Final Fantasy, Kamen Rider, and Sentai storylines. Just as a warning, this story is possibly my most disturbing story yet and earns a NC-17 or A rating for its use of graphic language, mature sexual situations, nudity, graphic gory violence, graphic torture, and to even some extent rape or physical sexual harassment. It also contains some moral ethic questions many people refuse to ask themselves, so reader discretion is advised.



A Decent into Insanity


Click. Click. Click.

Her heels clicked against the cold cobblestone of the New York City subway. Desolate silence was her only music as she passed through the dim lit tunnel, eyes panning for a bench. Her train for Manhattan would arrive shortly, but ever since the recent increase in murders and rapes, being in a cold, lonely place where no one could hear you scream wasn't the best career decision a young woman could make.

Her physical appearance did not make her predicament any better.

She was about five foot eight, her black and red streaked hair done up in outlandish Japanese pig-tails. She had always wanted to get her hair done that way ever since she had visited Tokyo so it just made since to do it when she got the chance. A curvy, busty form lied beneath her sleeveless, black school girl shirt, her bra pushing her already large breast up. However, besides her short red and black checkered skirt, and heeled combat boots with long, black thigh highs, the things that made her looks different were two fold. The first was her deep black makeup, done up in her typical gothic fashion. She had done her makeup ever since she realized that on the inside she was gothic in high school. Of course, she had been made fun of, called a freak, but it still didn't stop drunken assholes from wanting to screw her. The second thing that made her look different were the black gauntlets that she wore on her arms, in fashion of Capcom's Cammy White character from Street Fighter, that revealed her manicured nails.

All things considered, all she wanted to do was get home.

She noticed a large bench just north of her, a blessing from God. She would just get to the bench and wait on the train to arrive.

Then the dim lights of the subway went out.

Darkness consumed the tunnel, drowning her senses. She turned her head, searching every which way, to hear the giggling of something.


Then they were upon her.

Five men, about six foot two came barreling towards her in the darkness, their gleaming white smiles the only thing that let her see her attackers. "Get her!" one cried, motioning for the one closest to her, to come in. She tried to turn, but as she began to turn and run, a wall of human flesh became her barricade as she ran straight into the third of the attackers. To her own credit, she struggled as his arms wrapped around, but only received pain as he threw her into the nearest wall, pinning her by her throat.

Their giggles grew closer as they approached their comrade who had gotten to her first. She couldn't quite make out their faces, but they all appeared to be in their early twenties with paralyzing coral red eyes that pierced through the darkness.

"Let me see her." said their leader, pushing aside the man who held her.

She quivered against the wall, her face tilted down so she did not have to look her fate in the face.

"Well gentleman," he said, as he raised a finger, running it down the side of her face, "look what we have here."

"She's a looker boss." The one to her immediate right stated, crossing his arms.

The leader's hands quickly found her shirt, pulling down with enough force to tear open the garment. His eyes shook in delight at the sight of her black lacy bra, causing him to lick his lips. His right hand pushed up onto her right breast, gripping the mound of flesh causing her to gasp out in pain.

"And she's stacked gentleman! She has to be at least a big C or a smaller D!" The boss cried in happiness, moving his left up and gripping her other breasts.

She slightly leaned her up, noticing that her attackers were simply standing there, joker grins upon their faces. What was wrong with these people? In her life she'd never done anything to anyone to warrant this, but it was happening.

"How is the precious gift down below looking, boss?" the attacker, about two feet to the left of the boss, asked.

No. They wouldn't do that. No one was that sick and depraved to do something like that.

A moment later, she could feel the bosses hand race from her left breast to her skirt, lifting it up to reveal her red thong. She didn't want this. She wanted to scream so much and so loud that anyone would hear and come to her rescue but what would be the use. She was cornered, surrounded by five men twice her size, and pressed against a wall. The boss look at her with widened eyes as his hand slipped down the front surface of her thong, immediately shoving his fingers up into her sacred place.

She gasped, inhaling a deep breath, almost coming to tears as he removed his hand.

The boss chuckled as he removed his fingers, running his tongue along his appendages to taste her juices. His eyes closed and his head leant back like he was entering euphoria, opening them again almost immediately.

"She's sweet boys." The Boss replied, removing his right hand from her right breast, gripping her right wrist.

His left hand did the same with her left wrist, pinning them above her head as he looked at her.

"So," The boss asked, as if he hadn't violated her, "How about the boys and I run a train on you, cutie?"

The four attackers that surrounded her, to her sides, and stood behind the boss, all chuckled with delight of their future sexual pleasure.

"I mean, we've never fucked a Goth before, and you're just so sweet down there. So, how about it, cutie?"

Suddenly, she remembered why she didn't scream for help. She had always known the reason. It was just more fun to remember it this way.

"You want to fuck me?" she asked, slowly lifting her head.

Her faced depicted an almost lustful smile, her emerald green eyes sparkling with want.

"Huh?" the fifth and farthest attacked said, from about three feet behind the boss.

"I said, do- you- want- to- fuck- me?"

The attackers all shook their heads like bobble head dolls with a case of turrets syndrome at the girl's proposal. That had attacked a lot of people, mostly women about her age, but none of them had ever really complied. They would usually just gang rape them, and then kill them after they were done.

"Oh yeah," the boss replied, pushing on her wrist harder, "I want to rail you so hard!"

She chuckled.

"Don't you think it's a bit inappropriate to fuck someone when you don't even know their name?" she asked, moving her slightly to shake her breasts a bit.

The boss bit down upon his bottom lip, the bulge that was already growing in his pants growing bigger. "Fine then, what's your name?"

She smiled, slowly clenching her left fist. "Pandora, and you?"

The Boss looked back at his men, smiling greatly before looking back at Pandora. "God, I am God."

"No you're not." Pandora stated, as her fist fully clenching, causing a long blade that curved out from her elbow towards the middle of her arm to emerge from its place in her gauntlet. "You're dead, you don't have a name."

"What?" was all the boss was able to ask before she gripped his wrist, and pulled him in towards her, planting a knee into his genitals. He screamed in pain as he relinquished his hold on Pandora's wrist, going down to clutch his stinging balls. That turned out to be a nasty mistake: Pandora quickly brought her left elbow down in a swift, decapitating motion, swinging the razor sharp blade clear through the greater chunk of his neck, spewing blood every which way.

His subordinates backed up as their boss hit the ground, a fountain of blood pouring from his barely hanging neck.

"So, do you still want to fuck me?" Pandora asked as she walked forward, stepping over the bosses' corpse, removing her ripped shirt, leaving on her now blood drenched bra.

"Get her…" she heard from behind her, as she looked back to see the boss standing once more.

His head hung to side, barely kept on by a miniscule chunk or skin and muscle. The highways of nerves, and vessels that had once pumped blood on the inside of his body now were as clear as day. Not to Pandora's surprise, the bosses' body quickly began to change, bulging out as his skin tore apart as if were simply a shell. Large, jagged, bat like wings shot forth from his back, as his face contorted into the shape of a mask, his body becoming rough and leathery. Pandora could hear the convulsions of his friends behind her, knowing what they really were.

"Blessed…"she mouthed as she clenched her right fist, making another curved blade emerge from its gauntlet.

The Blessed were cursed beings who been on the planet longer than most humans. They often took the shape of human beings to hide amongst the masses to wreak havoc and slaughter without mercy. The worst part of it all, they were constantly breeding, constantly growing. A human woman could have a Blessed child, and die from the birth process in a messy, explosive death if she wanted, but the majority of the time, if the beasts weren't able to find mates in their species of Blessed, then they would usually find a suitable female host and rape her.

They were the most horrible monsters that God had placed on their earth in a long time, and they came in all shapes and sizes as Pandora found out as she turned around to see the boss Blessed's friends had already gone through, what they called "The Change". The Blessed to her immediate right had grown at least two feet, grew long dagger like fangs that hung over its bottom lip, and became blue with muscles the sizes of watermelons that caused it to hunch over.

"Cerulean Ogre," she said to herself, as she moved onto the next.

The Blessed now in front of her had taken all fours, growing paws, and quill like fur that matched its wolf like face and maw.


The Blessed to her left hadn't changed much, aside from his hair growing down past his back, and horns now protruded from his forehead on either side of his brow. His clothes had ripped from his body, leaving his naked form to be covered by tiger like stripes that accentuated the talons and fangs that came with them.

"Tiger Ox Jr."

The Blessed a foot to the left of the one in front of her she couldn't see quite well, but it also might have been thanks to his transparentness. His body flickered in and out, blending with the shadows and darkness of the subway.

"Shadow Sprite."

And the boss Blessed behind her, she knew what he was from the beginning. His body had grown elongated, his bat like wings molded into his body, and his legs became short at stubby. A glossy, armor like sheen now was his skin, letting out a high pitched shriek that echoed through the empty subway.

"Armored Bat."

The Armored Bat flapped its giant wings, pushing itself into the air, trying to stay level.

"Kill her!" The beast cried, its human voice now masked by his bat shriek.

Normally, Pandora would've been sweating bullets at this point, but lucky for her these were all weak Blessed that would pay for violating her. They would pay with their blood.

The Cerulean Ogre was the first to launch an attack on Pandora, swinging its heavy, boulder sized fist. Pandora quickly leaped to her side, barely avoiding the strike, allowing it to smash into the Armored Bat. The hulking bat flew hard into the wall, a squeal of pain emerging from it. The cerulean ogre let out a groan of remorse as if he was trying to tell his boss sorry for hitting him, but it all came too late.

With the slow retraction of the Ogre's heavy arm, Pandora had no problem leaping into the air, onto the Cerulean Ogre's fist. Breaking into a sprint upon his arm, Pandora quickly whipped her arms into the air as she jumped forward; bringing her arms together with the blades pointed down, before violently tearing through the beast's skull in her descent. Blood spewed from the monster's enormous cranium as she descended, letting her razor edged elbow blades to tear through the beast's muscles and entire being. Intestines and organs spilled out onto the pavement upon her landing, the Ogre's split body, falling to the left and right.

"Die!" The Saix howled, arching its back, putting back its ears, and letting loose a flurry of quills.

Pandora had barely landed as she heard the howl, whipping around with her right arm blade to knock away the first wave of quills. The Armored Bat slowly began to stir as the second wave came in at her, along with the Shadow Sprite. The light's of the tunnel flickered slightly as the quills came in, being steadily knocked away by a swipe of Pandora's left blade, her footsteps heavy as she approached.

The Shadow Sprite howled in outrage as it dived in at Pandora, however, became the unlucky recipient of a blast of light as the fluorescents flickered again. The Sprite reeled in pain, arms flailing in the air, only seconds before Pandora spun into a furious slash, knocking a blast of quills back at the Saix, impaling it with its own sharpened quills. Having only another second to attack before the lights turned off again, Pandora continued her spin, rotating her body like a top towards the Sprite, its body made physical by the light. Only its cries of pain, and its blood curdling screams could be heard as Pandora's blades bit into it, cutting its body into sections while she swung high with her arm, taking off its head, swung medium with her right, cutting away its torso, and swept its legs from underneath it as she spun into a finishing leg sweep.

The chunks of flesh soared every which way as Pandora slowly rose to her full standing height of five foot eight, eyeing down the being in front of her. The armored bat has risen, wings flapping full force when it dived at Pandora. With a heavy swing, Pandora attempted to end the battle, her blade clanging off of its fur as she dodged to the side.

"You can't harm me human!" The bat shrieked as it rose higher into the sky, circling around for another dive.

The next dive sent the bat flying to Pandora, taking her off of her feet, slamming her to the concrete. Air rushed from her lungs from the force of the slam, her body bouncing back into the air. Another dive caught her as he body descended, sending her tumbling along the train platform, stopping at the edge.

"You'll die here bitch!" the bat cried as it circled around once more, realizing Pandora was rising.

Once more the bat dived, eyes set on taking Pandora's head off. Earlier attacks against the bat had proved inefficient, so Pandora had decided on taking a more direct course of action. Swooping in the bat came down towards the buxom young woman, fangs ready, just seconds before Pandora quickly bent completely backwards, bringing her blades up into the bat's underbelly. Intestines spilled out onto Pandora as her blades pierced the unarmored underside of the bat, its body careening straight over her into the wall across the platform. Blood ran down the graffitied walls, the bat sliding down into a puddle of its own quivering pain.

"Oh gross…" Pandora thought as she rose to her feet, wiping the blood from her face, a mix of her own and the bats.

Pulling Blessed intestines from her bra hadn't been on Pandora's to-do list that night, however, she found her self pulling a long strain of minced intestine from between her breast, throwing it to the ground. Walking to the edge of the platform, Pandora spotted the shaking form of the Armored Bat.

It was time for payback.

"Y'know, you are just like all the other guys." Pandora stingingly said, taking to the air. Half a second later, the heel of boots pierced through the skull of the bat in a squelching melody of bone meeting metal. "Just a quick nut."

Pandora exhaled as she finally let her nerves take over, squeezing her fist again to retract the blades. Tonight she had been groped, had fingers shoved into her vagina, had blood cover her from head to toe, and had to pick intestines from her clothing. Leaning her head back, looking up as the lights finally cut out again, leaving her in darkness, Pandora inhaled a heavy breath. The Blessed rapist gang of the New York, New York train station would never forget the day they messed with a Peacekeeper.

They wouldn't be able to; it was the last thing they ever saw.



I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter of the most, sick, and twisted story I could ever think of. However, the violence has only just begun. This story, I hope, will be able to be interactive as I am sending out an open invitation to the readers of this story to create characters. I am more than happy to receive characters from my readers, and will try to use everyone I receive.

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