Becoming the Prey

His sneer was triumphant as he watched her through the window, his knuckles gleaming white as he gripped the hunting knife in his hand harder, his breath catching in his throat with excitement. In a shower of glass he would have her; her life, her screams, her body would be his. No one was able to outrun him, no one ever survived him.

But to his surprise, she didn't run. Stepping up to the window, she put her face near the pane and opened her mouth, breathing out a misty layer of translucent white on the cold clear surface. He found himself unable to move, watching in puzzlement as she trailed her finger through the condensed water in the shape of a heart, then cupped her hand over it.

He heard the crack before he felt the pain, and he heard the clatter of the knife hitting the ground before he felt the warm blood dripping down his skin. Focusing his eyes, he found himself pinned with his back against the cracked window, staring up into a grotesque humanoid face; one side was completely void of all features, unbroken pale skin stretching over its skull with not even a dip where the missing eye should have been. The mouth was filled with long dripping fangs that inched closer to his neck, and its clawed fingers dug deeper into his shoulder with a movement that slowly ripped through his flesh. It's other hand was pressed against the glass, and in shock he realized that it met the woman's hand on the other side. The one eye it had seemed to shine with glee as it sank its teeth into his throat, but before anything was severed, its jaws stopped closing.

The glass on the right side of his head exploded, sending shards into his senses and sending his mind into blackness. An arm wrapped around his head, and sharp fingernails dug into the side of his face. His mouth opened in a scream as he felt the pulling motion lift his skin. He had fallen into a trap set by ones more carnivorous than he . . .

Putting a blood-covered finger in her mouth, Alelle looked over at Nyarl with a smirk, motioning for him to come to her as she slowly slid her finger out to rest on her bottom lip. Kicking the mutilated corpse out of the way, Nyarl quickly closed the distance between them, and Alelle raised herself on her toes to meet him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Alelle kissed Nyarl deeply, using her tongue to taste more of the blood in Nyarl's mouth as she pressed her body against his. Nyarl's hands slipped under the waistband of her skirt, and after pulling down the zipper he slid it off.

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