Those tantalizing embers

Dancing in the fireplace

The warm glow of the pyre

Brought to us by the great Prometheus

Yet Euripedes said

"I shall bring fire to thee"

Who then,

Truly brought us fire,

Burning Wisdom,

Zesty Life,

Warm Love,

We create these for ourselves

Often times caused by...

An object of obsession

Each of our personal desires,

The ones that burn,

Burn in the depths of our hearts

My obsession is m'love

The warm Love I have for her

Gives me a zesty passion for life

It makes me want burning knowledge

To bring me success

To bring my future family the best

The best in the world

My future with her

It's all that is important to me

And she,

Is all that passes through my mind

As i hold her in my arms

As we watch the tantalizing embers dance in the fireplace