Summery: He was her best friends' brother and off limits. The man she dreamt of every night. But when desire and passion take over Naliyah finds her self in a sticky situation. The worst part is she over hears him telling his best friend she meant nothing after he tells her he loves her. Feeling betrayed, hurt, and confused she decides to leave. What will happen when she comes back to town 5 years later and her world blows up in her face?

A/N: This is a story I've been thinking about for a while. It's not my first; it's actually one of many I've been thinking about. My main character's name is pronounced Nah-lee-yah if anyone is wondering and I have pictures of my characters in my profile. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Now on to my story

Erupted Nightmares In My Shattered Dreams

Chapter 1

"Amaris for the last time hurry up!" I whined, impatiently tapping my foot at the bottom of the steps in my best friend's house.

Today is the first day of our junior year in high school and Amaris is already late. She does this all the time, every time we have to be somewhere at a specific time Amaris takes it upon her self to go just as slow as she wants to. Because of her, I got a total of 15 detentions last term due to lateness.

You would think after all those trips to detention and to the dean's office Amaris would learn her lesson. Well I hate to tell you but she hasn't and since I have no other way to get to school then her older brother Aiden driving, I'm stuck too.

Finally after five more minutes of waiting little miss perfection comes down stairs sporting our own version of the school uniform. Our uniform consists of a blue denim skirt, a white shirt, a red blazer, a red and white striped tie, white knee highs and black shoes. But for me and Amaris we sport black tall boots.

"Jesus Naliyah by the way you were rushing me one would think you actually want to go to school." Amaris said smirking at me.

"No, I don't but since I'm forced to go, I would like to actually get there on time for once. I mean come on Amaris it's the first day back and you know the dean despises us." I replied running my hand through my jet black hair.

"Oh come on Liyah that's more of a reason not to be there on time." She smiled pinching my cheeks. UGH! She knows I hate that and if I wasn't shorter than her I would kick her ass. But she has at least 4 inches on me and 10 more pounds. So for now I let it slide. I just shake my head and watch as she walks into the kitchen toward her older brother.

Amaris Richardson is my best friend and has been for the past two years. She is 5'6" with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Her body type is curvaceous which automatically makes her the envy of every girl in school. Well except for me anyway.

I have no reason to envy her because I'm tied with her in the looks department. I'm a petite girl standing at 5"2. I have recently dyed jet black hair with green eyes. My body just like Amaris's is curvaceous. I just happen to have more breast and ass than she does. She's about a 36 B in bra where as I am a 36 C. Her jeans are a four, and mine are a six.

So yeah I would probably be considered prettier than her in the eyes of most but due to my self esteem issues I don't see it.

I'm snapped back to reality when Amaris's 21-year-old brother hits me in the head with a newspaper.

"Little One!" Aiden laughed. "Come on Amaris is waiting in the car."

I glare holes through him as I rub my now sore head.

"You're a fucking dick you know that Aiden." I said going in the foyer to get my bag.

"Awe, did I hurt the baby? I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt the baby. Come here let me kiss it." He laughs opening his arms to hug me.

"Go to hell you bastard." I spat pushing his arms out the way and heading to the door. But in the blink of an eye I felt an arm snake around my waist and pull me back.

"Naliyah, it's very rude to deny the man, who drives you to school every day, a hug." He whispered in my ear as his finger began caressing the bare spot on my stomach.

Immediately I felt light headed. This guy has absolutely no idea what he does to me. I've had a crush on him ever since I first met Amaris and he knows it. So for him to be doing this to me now is just very wrong.

Aiden is the hottest guy I ever met. He's about 6 feet with shoulder length blonde hair. He has the body of a model and looks to kill. His eyes, just like Amaris's, are a light blue-ish color. His personality is perfect and he has the ability to make any girl fall in love with him, hence my current predicament.

"By the way did I tell you how incredibly sexy you look in your uniform today." He whispered again. I felt his breath on the back of my neck and closed my eyes. Surely he knows what he's doing to me, He must know that the mere sound of his voice makes me wet.

I tried so desperately to find my voice and say something to him. But when I opened my mouth nothing came out. I tried again and got the same results. Then suddenly he lets me go, I stumble a bit and catch myself before I fall.

I snapped my head in his direction and glared as I heard him begin to snicker. "Ahh, I love how you get all weak in the knees and speechless when I touch you." He laughed "You're just too cute. Anyway come on we're late." He said walking out the door.

"Fucking bastard." I muttered as I followed behind him toward the car. I walk to the passenger side and notice Amaris fixing her make-up.

"Sorry Liyah you came too late so now, you go into the back" She laughed before returning her attention to the mirror.

I once again mutter but this time in Spanish as I slide into the back seat and pull out my I-pod.

"Liyah I know you're not going to ignore me the whole car ride to school." Amaris said while I put my headphones in my ears. I smirked at her evilly before turning my nano on and hitting the shuffle button.

OH great just what I needed. The first song that played just happened to be The Veronica's Speechless. Ironic wouldn't you say.

"Cause you leave me speechless when you talk to me, you leave me breathless the way you look at me, you managed to disarm me. My sun is shining through I can't help but surrender my everything to you." I began to sing while looking out the window.

I didn't realize I was loud until I looked at Amaris's side mirror and saw her smiling at me. She always knew singing was my passion and often told me I should audition for American Idol, but due to my nerves and my hatred for Simon's rudeness I never did. Besides making it to Hollywood would require money, which I don't have so yeah.

I pulled one of my head phones out my ear and stick my tongue out at her. "May I ask why you are staring at me through the mirror? I know you want me but I told you I don't swing that way." I laughed.

"Bitch, you have nothing I want." She laughed. "But no I'm just looking because you seem not to care that you just sung out loud in the car." She smiled.

Immediately my face went red and I buried my face in my hands. "Please tell me you're lying" I asked while thanking God my bangs covered my face when I look down.

"No I'm afraid I'm telling the truth." Amaris laughed. Through my bangs I managed to snatch a peek at Aiden who stopped at a red light and looked at me from the rearview mirror.

He winked and smirked before continuing his drive to school.

"Yeah well that was an accident; I was lost in my own thoughts and forgot I wasn't the only one in the car." I muttered.

Amaris just continued to laugh before dropping the subject completely, which I was extremely great full for.

I turned my attention back to my I-pod and pressed play. The next song to play was Aaliyah's Journey To The Past. This song I can relate to more. I, just like the girl from the movie, have no real family. I'm an orphan that constantly gets sent from home to home.

Well that's how it used to be before my lawyer took me in two years ago. His main reason for doing so was because he grew tired of being called to the court house every time I was arrested or a family threw me out. He explained that this would be a hell of a lot easier for the both of us and in reality it has.

Since the first day I stepped through the door, Kevin and his wife Margaret have been like the perfect mom and dad. Getting me everything I wanted but was too scared to ask for, taking me shopping constantly, buying an I-pod and a Mac laptop, letting me have my own room. I mean there was nothing they wouldn't get for me and I'm not legally adopted by them yet.

I know what you're thinking, what's taking them so long and to be honest, I don't know. Kevin started this procedure six months about and hasn't heard a word about it yet. I'm guessing the long wait has something to do with Kevin's 18 year old son Conner.

Conner Marshall is a boy too conceited for his own good. He swears he's Gods gift to women and also thinks he's God's gift to me. Every time he and I are alone he finds any way imaginable to touch and feel on me. Don't get me wrong Conner's not ugly. It's just that he's not my type.

He's too arrogant and cocky. Always with a new girl every time you turn around. Not to mention he fit the perfect jock stereotype. Captain of the baseball team, dating the head cheerleader off and on, rude, obnoxious, and self centered. You know the usual, but none of that stops him from being the way he is to me.

You should have seen what he did when Kevin first told him about the adoption. He threw the biggest fit and stormed off, it was beyond crazy. And since then he has been doing everything he can for this not to go through.

Often while in school he seeks me out just to humiliate and embarrass me. Yelling rude things about how he knows why my family gave me up, that my real parents could never love a slut like me. Many times after being humiliated in front of a big crowd I found myself in the school garden under a tree and crying.

I've never given anyone the pleasure of seeing me cry. I've always waited until I was alone to do this, and when this happened I've on more than one occasion found myself wondering if what Conner would say about my parents were true. During this time I would cry my eyes out until they were sore and red.

Feeling a tear run down my cheek I realized I was starting to cry.

"Naliyah you ok?" Amaris asked turning to face me.

"I'm fine just thinking about the harsh realities that is my life, no big deal." I said smiling weakly.

Amaris looked at me sympathetically before smiling softly. "Well in better news we've arrived." She said while pointing out the window at the school.

I grunted and wiped away my tears before putting on a fake smile and stepping out the car. Almost immediately Amaris and I were swarmed by our friends.

"Oh my god we haven't seen you guys all summer what did you two do?" Our friend Monica asked. I laughed at her while shaking my head before going back into the car to get my bag.

"Liyah, baby I'll see you later." Aiden whispered blowing me a kiss. I began to blush slightly thanking God my hair provided a curtain between me and him.

"Yeah bye Aiden," I smiled before shutting the door. I watched him quickly drive off before turning my attention back to my friends. "Now how about we get this day over with shall we?" I announced while all my friends laughed and smiled.

We were just about to make our way into the building when I heard Conner's voice from behind me. "Well, well, well if it isn't little orphan Naliyah. Did you decide this year was the year to find your real parents and stop living off mine?" He said causing an outbreak of laughter throughout the students.

I groaned silently while walking into the school. I knew today was going to be a very long day.

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