Erupted Nightmares In My Shattered Dreams

Chapter 8

Naliyah POV

Telling your best friend about your horrid past will always make you nervous. So it's no surprise that I found myself inside the bathroom at the Richardson household throwing up what ever was in my stomach.

It wasn't much really just some Sierra Mist and an apple. But for some odd reason once all of that was out of my stomach I still felt the need to throw up more.

Aiden was as helpful as he could be and stayed in the bathroom with me until 20 minutes before Amaris walked through the door.

"Liyah sweets you ok. Aiden told me you came by to talk and ended up getting sick." Amaris said as came into the bathroom and held my hair. I nodded slowly and flushed the toilet before rinsing out my mouth and looking at her.

"I came here with the intention of telling about what happened in my past. But when I got here and knocked on the door, my nerves got the better of me." I said smiling sheepishly.

"It's alright hun. Come on let's go to my room so we can have some privacy."

I nodded my head in agreement and left the bathroom following behind Amaris. When we came to her room I sat on her bed and let out the breath I didn't know I was holding.

It took me a few minutes to look up at Amaris and when I did I noticed she was looking at her nails, picking away to the skin near her nails. Which was a nasty habit she's had ever since I've known her.

"Uhh. Well I guess I should start." I whispered causing her head to snap up.

"Naliyah listen if your uncomfortable discussing this you don't have to tell me." Amaris said trying to reassure me. But my mind was already made up. This was something I had to tell her. So with a sigh I opened my mouth and began my story.

"2 years ago, before I came to live with Kevin, I was raped and tortured by my foster father..."


Naliyah finished her story an hour later feeling as if a ton of bricks have been lifted off her shoulders. Her best friend now knew everything about her. Well not everything, there was still the matter her and Aiden that was yet to be mentioned. But that secret would take time to come out.

She only hoped Amaris wouldn't hate her when that secret was finally exposed.

Snapping herself from her thoughts Naliyah looked at Amaris and noticed she had tears in her eyes.

"Awe Amaris don't cry." She said in a small voice. "Cause if you cry you'll cause me to cry and then I won't be able to stop." Naliyah said as she got up from Amaris's bed and went to hug her.

"Thanks Liyah." Amaris said while hugging her back.

"For what?"

"For trusting me enough to tell me your deepest darkest secrets."

Naliyah smiled a little and pulled back. "Well what kind of best friend would I be if I couldn't trust YOU with my inner secrets?" She asked with her eyebrows raised.

"Not a very–" Amaris's sentence was cut off by the ringing of her cell phone. With a roll of her eyes she fished her cell out from her pocket and looked up at Liyah. "I have to take this it's Corey and I haven't spoken to him in a week." She said before flipping it open.

Naliyah nodded her head and signaled that she was going down stairs to get something to drink. Amaris smiled and waved her away before giggling at something Corey said.

Corey Farmer was a 22 year old bartender at the local club Amaris and Naliyah sneak into. He's about 6'3" with short black hair and a five o clock shadow. His eyes often change color to match his mood. They go black when he's angry, a beautiful cerulean blue when he's excited or neutral, and green when he's horny. A little fact Amaris made sure she mentioned to Naliyah.

Rolling her eyes Naliyah headed down the steps and was instantly met with Aiden.

"How are you feeling?" He asked taking her into his arms.

"I'm feeling better than I have in a while." Liyah replied wrapping her arms around Aiden's neck.

"Where's my lovely sister?"

"Talking on the phone with your best friend."

"Ugh! I told Corey to leave Maris alone. He doesn't listen" He said angrily

"Do you honestly think he'll listen to you? He's been with Amaris for over a year now, he not gonna break up with her because her older brother doesn't like the fact he's screwing her."

"HE'S DOING WHAT?!" Aiden roared causing Naliyah to flinch and let go of him.

"Calm down Aiden, don't tell me you believed Amaris to still be a virgin?"

"Liyah your not helping to lessen my anger!" He snapped "Jesus I told Corey not to date her he's suppose to be my best friend, he's suppose to understand a guy's sister is off limits." he said pacing in the foyer.

Naliyah looked at him stupidly crossing her arms over her chest. "Your being an hypocritical asshole right now." She spat causing him to stop pacing and glare at her.

"What did you just say?" He asked causing her to climb up some steps just to put some distance between them.

"I said your being an hypocritical asshole, and do you wanna know why I'm saying that? I'll give you one guess she's standing right in front of you calling you names."

Confusion took over Aiden's handsome features as he tried to figure out what Naliyah was talking about.

"Jesus your so dumb. Im talking about ME! You know the best friend of your younger sister. Your proving the point that Amaris constantly makes." She sighed running a hand through her jet black hair.

"That's different" He stated

"NO it's not. She doesn't want us together the same way you don't want her and Corey together."

"So what are you saying Melanie." Aiden asked clearly annoyed.

"First don't call me Melanie, second I'm saying that if you can't except their relationship then there's no way we can do ours." She was about to add to her comment when her cell phone went off blasting Kat Deluna's 'Whine Up'.

"Don't get shook by my aggression, I just might be the one Lets skip this conversation just whine your body up."

She lifted her finger as she looked at the name on her phone and laughed. "Hello sexy how may I help you?" She asked turning her back to Aiden.

"Mom and dad are disputing another case. I'm staying at Benny's house. So ask Amaris if you could stay there." Conner said on the other end. Naliyah sighed a loud as she peaked over her shoulder and saw Aiden glaring at her.

"I'll ask Aiden, Im sure he wont have a problem with it." She replied laughing into the phone.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Melly" He said laughing before disconnecting the call.

Naliyah continued to laugh as she turned back around and faced Aiden. "Aiden?" She said sheepishly.

"Who was that on the phone?" He asked still glaring.

"Calm down no need to go protective boyfriend on me. It was my brother, to tell me my parents are battling a court case again. Which brings me back to why I turned to you." She said with a small smile.

"What's that?"

"Aiden would you mind it if I stayed here tonight." Naliyah asked batting her eyelashes at him.

"Oh hell no I wouldn't." Aiden laughed pulling her into his arms and making her wrap her legs around his waist.

"Aiden were at the bottom of the steps and Amaris is right upstairs." Naliyah whispered into his neck.

Aiden groaned as the vibrations from her voice serged through his body. "Liyah that didn't help this situation." He murmured setting her now to the floor.

"But it got you to put me down." She laughed turning to the stairs. "AMARIS I'M SPENDING THE NIGHT." She yelled up the steps.

"OK." Amaris replied opening the door and then closing it just as quickly.

"Alright, I'm gonna go shoot some hoops with my friends and you can entertain yourself until I come back." Aiden said before disappearing upstairs.

Naliyah nodded absentmindedly before going into the living room and sitting on the couch.


"I'm gonna make you pay for that little stunt you pulled earlier."

"Joey no I'm sorry."

"Oh now your sorry, you weren't sorry earlier when you were making out with that boy in your room. I'm going to show you what happens to fast ass girls who take older boys into their room." He growled unzipping his pants. She watched as he made his way over to her menacingly. On his way over to the bed he removed his shirt and kicked off his jeans. "Open up wide." He said huskily as he rubbed his semi hard erection to get it harder.

He eyed her hungrily as she twisted and turned to free herself from the ropes the were bound to her wrist and ankles. "I'm gonna really enjoy this." He said laughing evilly as he climbed on top of Naliyah.

She tried to fight, but to no avail. All she succeeded in doing was breaking the skin that was hidden under the ropes.

She cried harder as he began fondling and biting her breast. This wasn't how she imagined losing her virginity would be. She actually thought it would be with the boy she brung to her room. But no Joey had to come home from work early and catch him on top of her. Now she was about to be raped because of that said action.

A powerful pain swept through Naliyah's body as Joey broke through her barrier roughly. He didn't even give her time to adjust, he just continued his painful thrust in and out of her, getting more turned on from her cries. "Tell me you want me." He grunted into her ear while continuing his brutal punishment. When she said nothing he brought his hand up and swung it across her face, instantly opening her lip with a gash. "Tell me!"

"I want it Joey, Please give it to me." She cried swallowing the bile that came up her throat.

"Im gonna cum deep inside you and watch as you bare my child, that way you'll always be linked to me." He groaned pumping into her harder than before.

After what seemed like a decade Joey finally released his seed deep inside her before pulling out abruptly. "You will conceive a child by me." He spat before stumbling off the bed.


Naliyah jolted up from Aiden's couch with tears in her eyes. The memory she just had felt just as real as it did that day 2 and a half years ago. Even her abdomen ached as a consequence from that memory.

This is why she hated to be alone. Because she couldn't deal with the memories of Joey nor the memories of the child she lost because of him.

Willing herself to get up from the couch Naliyah decided you couldn't sit there by herself anymore and let herself get enveloped by all the pain. She needed to get out and stop the memories and she knew just how to do it.

Liyah didn't bother to tell anyone where she was going, instead she ran out the house, ignoring the pain that was shooting through her, and went to the local liquor store.

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