Well here I was thinking today would just be like any normal day, I would go to school like normal, return home, watch tv all night, and then go to bed. Just like every other day. Who knew that one ride on a subway train, instead of my usual bus route, would change everything?

Terra Hanesworth was seated in front of her vanity table, brushing out her shoulder length dark brown, nearly black hair. Her hazel eyes sparkled back at her in the mirror as she put the finishing touches on her look for the day, slipped on some new black sneakers she had gotten the night before, and made her way out of her house for the day.

Her school was on the other side of town, so she usually took the metrobus to school, as her school didn't send buses out her way, even though her parents have paid tremendous amounts of money so they could do so, they just don't bother.

I walked down the road towards the metrobus stop, just in time to see my bus pull up to my stop. I ran the last few meters, showed my bus card, so I wouldn't have to pay the fare, and grabbed a seat around mid-bus. It took about 10 minutes, but I finally arrived to school around 8:10 AM, 20 minutes before first bell. I met up with my friends in front of my locker, as I grabbed my books for Chemistry and English. I went to a pretty normal school, it was a private school, but they didn't force you to wear uniforms or anything. It was great. I waved good bye to my friends Casey, Ashlee, Ryan, and Mark, as I headed off to first period.

The day went by slow as usual, I discovered I had gotten a 100 on a Math test, which really brightened up my day a lot, as I'm usually not so great in Math. My friend Casey had snagged herself a new boyfriend. Ryan seemed to be staring at Ashlee all the time ( I have it in my head that he likes her...hmm... ), and Mark was recently dumped by head cheerleader Marcy. One of those typical blonde bimbo stereotypes. I wasn't surprised how he wasn't even fased by it. He's a usual player. In fact, Marcy seemed to be the only one hurt. She was constantly staring longingly at him when he wasn't looking. And looking sad whenever he did.

I was about to enter my last period class, I was about a meter from the door, when I noticed a totally droolworthy guy at the end of the hallway. His face was a chiselled masterpiece, and his golden hair shone in the sunlight, entering through the skylight above him. How had I never seen this Golden boy before!? It was ironic though, the sun light glow made him look like an angel, yet when I looked harder, I saw what looked like a pink detention slip clutched in his right hand. I knew right then I had to get detention today, no matter what, but how?

I hadn't notice the bell ring, I was still staring at the boy, as he waited outside the principal's office, to probably get a scolding from the big man himself. So when I realised the halls were completely empty, except for me and the boy, I broke my stare (thank God he never noticed), and entered the classroom.

A voice greeted me, "Miss Hanesworth, your late, take a detention slip, and sign in at the office please," my teacher said, without even looking up from her papers.

"Bitch..." I mumbled silently under my breath. I grabbed a slip, and left. But became excited, when I remembered Golden boy had detention, too. It was hard to hold in my squeal of delight.

I saw him still waiting outside the office, and I sat on the bench beside him. He seemed to take notice, and turned to me, wondering what a girl like me was doing here probably.

"Hey, I'm Terra, and you are...?" I introduced myself.

"Kyle. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you here?" he replied.

"Detention..." I said.

"What'd you do?" he asked.

"I-" I began, but I realised how lame it would sound if I said I was late. So I came up with a quick story, "-kind of cussed at the teacher last class, then just left. She wasn't too happy. So she sent me straight here. Didn't even look up from her books...and it didn't help that I was late."

"Awesome. I'm here because I locked my teacher out of the classroom after he left for a bathroom break. He was pissed," he said, a smirk on his face.

Suddenly the secretary popped her head out of the door, "Kyle Waisley...?" she asked.

"That's me. See you in detention I hope Terra," he said, and winked at me. The second the door closed behind him, I sighed a sigh I hadn't known I had been holding, and practically swooned. He talked to me! Better yet, he winked at me! Detention was going to be amazing. I quickly sent Casey and Ashlee text messages, telling them my story about Golden boy...I mean Kyle, and detention, and how I would meet them at the mall when I got out of detention.

I was called in after Kyle left, he was smirking all the way, and winked at me, before I closed the door.

"Miss Hanesworth. I'm very disappointed in you. You always seemed to be a good student, and now you're showing up late to class. This wouldn't look good on your record. However, as you've never been late before, I'm going to let this one slip, consider it a favor. But I'd still like you to serve detention after school today, just to show I'm not going soft..." he finished, with a grin. I nodded, and he showed me to the door.

I decided not to bother going back to class, there was only 15 minutes left anyways. So I went to my locker, and returned my books, so I wouldn't have to do it later. When the bell rang, I made my way to the room where detention was always held.

I sat in a seat near the side, and already began counting down the minutes, that is until Gol...Kyle arrived. He was seriously like a God.

He sat next to me, flashing a "killer smile" enough, that if I had been standing, I'd be on the floor right now, melting. Instead, I gave him a smile back.

"Hey Terra..." he said. "Hey yourself," I replied.

We spent the rest of detention getting to know each other, for example, I found out his favorite color is green, he loves eating tropical fruits like papaya and pineapple, his favorite show is Prison Break, he lives with his mom and little sister Penny, who is 7. He adores action movies like the Bourne series, or Mission Impossible, yet he also loves Pirates of the Carribean and Lord of the Rings. He has a fetish for teddy bears, he ADORES them. Weird.

By the time I went to ask another question, the teacher told us it was time to leave and blatently to "Get the hell outta here!"

I was about to head down the street towards a bus stop to catch a bus to the mall, when I noticed Kyle walking towards the subway entrance. I debated my choices, and thought "Hey, why not be rebellious for once, screw the bus!"

I jogged off to catch up with Kyle, it took a minute, before I was close enough to shout out to him, "Hey Kyle! Wait up!" He turned, and smiled when he saw me. "Hey Terra, heading my way?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied.

He smiled his "killer smile" at me again, I felt my heart flutter. We headed down the stairs into the lobby of the subway, and after paying for our tickets, we passed through the gates, and awaited the underground train. Turns out we were headed for the same train, as he lived close to the mall. When the train arrived, we hopped on, and grabbed a seat besides each other. I began to continue our conversation from detention, as the train sped forwards.

It wasn't even five minutes, until the train lurched to a stop. I glanced around, Kyle too. Wondering what was going on. We weren't the only ones, people were looking around frantically. Suddenly the lights began flickering. A woman screamed, I grasped forwards, and managed to find Kyle's hand, and I held it. He gave me a squeeze to try to reassure me.

Next all I heard was a loud bang. And that was the last thing I could remember.