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According to my cell phone, we had been locked in that room for four days now. It was getting very boring, and people were taking to playing tic tac toe in the dirt on the floor to pass the boredom. I was lucky, I happened to be carrying a very long book in my purse at the time. I wasn't too sure what it was about, or what it was called (the cover was in Latin), but it was interesting enough. I had to have it read for school anyways.

School. I wondered if any of my friends were worried about me. Were they looking for me? Did my parents know I was missing? Did anyone besides the government know what was going on? What was happening above us, where people could see the sun, eat and use the bathroom when they wanted to, go shopping when they wanted to, do what they wanted to do? These thoughts constantly ran through my head, and were sometimes giving me a headache from thinking too hard. Yeah, I know, ridiculous.

Slowly people began disappearing, Charlie had been the first to go. Followed shortly after by one of the older women. And then one of the older men. Leaving only thirteen of us behind. What if I was the next to go? Or Kyle? Or Leah, or Johnny? Or anyone else for that matter?

I carefully studied the people around me. I was slowly growing fond of all of them, and I didn't want to have to part with any more of them. This experience was becoming a nightmare. I half expected a screeching crazy clown to jump out of the shadows, wielding a huge raging chainsaw above his head and start waddling towards us. But I knew it was too good to be true, unfortunately.

At night I clutched onto Kyle, Leah and Johnny like there would be no tomorrow, and they held onto me just as tight. We had made it past the breaking point, most of us hadn't gone insane. Besides the woman that had been first to go. She had put up quite a storm, hollering and flailing her arms about, until one of the masked men knocked her on the head with the hilt of his gun to shut her up, and that seemed to do the trick.

A few more days went by, and one night the men never returned. We were getting anxious, I held onto Leah's hand tight, the signs of distraught on both our faces, our clothes smeared with dirt. Morning came, and still no signs of the men. We were given two meals that day. That's when Lorraine burst into tears, thinking that we were getting the men's meal, and she refused to eat. I assured her they were just feeling generous today, and gave us a second meal. She finally calmed down, but would only eat one of the meals. The rest she stuffed in her purse. I did the same. I now had enough food for five square meals in there, and I began giving it to the weaker women, and Leah to keep them strong. Then three days later, the men finally returned.

I grabbed Kyle in the strongest hug I could muster, and told him not to scare me like that ever again. He smiled, and apologised. Then he and the other men began telling what happened. They had been sent by truck, down to the border, where they dropped the smallest bomb down into Lake Ontario, and then flew by helicopter, watching as the bomb exploded, and sent huge waves crashing down on the shores of the lake, on both sides of the border. They said it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I asked Kyle if he had had any food, and he nodded. This seemed to cheer Lorraine right up, and she hugged her cousin Michael, full force.

That night we were given two bottles of champagne by the men, and many glasses. We were told it was a time to celebrate. So we did, although not with as much exuberance as the masked men.

Nobody disappeared for days. This was good. Maybe the government was complying after all, who knew?

Then I remembered something. I had a compact radio in my purse, and it did not need satellite transmissions, all it needed was batteries, which I luckily had. I turned on the little radio, and the static noise grabbed the women's attention. "You had a radio all this time?" cried Lorraine. I nodded my head sheepishly. I had forgotten.

I turned the dial to come upon the News station, and one of the reporter's voices came through the radio...

"The UGTOC has created another sceptical for us this week. Reports show a bomb was let into Lake Ontario, where it sent huge volumes of water onto unsuspecting areas around the lake. Their demands are growing higher, as more and more bodies are sent to the government house. First the body of Charlie Wilkinshire..." Lorraine let out a sniffle here, "Then Meribeth Snelgrove, and thirdly Samuel Hamlyn. This is getting serious, and the government is wondering just how much longer they can hold out. There doesn't seem to be much hope. The UGTOC seem to be holding another thirteen people hostage, including a well known heiress in the town, Terra Hanesworth." Everyone turned to me.

"What? Not my fault that I'm rich..." I grumbled, Lorraine giggled a bit, before we tuned back into the radio.

"...Others appear to be three students from a local high school, Kyle Waisley, Samantha Collings, and Harold Peterson. There are reports to believe Charlie Wilkinshire's niece Lorraine Wilkinshire, and nephew Michael Wilkinshire, are also among them. The other identities are still unknown to the public, although the government seem to be holding back this piece of information. Reports also show that the government is having a hard time complying to the large claims of the UGTOC, as one of them involve the Prime Minister's Deputy's "head on a platter" just to put it lightly. Tune in later tonight, at Seven O'Clock to hear more on this thrilling story."

Each of the women looked around the room at each other. We were all in a daze from this story. Who knew hearing bad news about yourself could be scary? When the men returned that night, we each took it in turns to tell them what we heard. I kept the small radio hidden in my purse, in case one of the masked men happened to walk in. Almost as if I had predicted it, a familiar masked man walked through the door. It was Carl, that man who knocked Rick out for me the first day. He looked a lot scarier now.

"Alright, which one of you is Terra Hanesworth?" he asked. Suddenly I felt all eyes on me.

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