"Wake up you lazy bum!" What the hell? I peaked out from under my covers to see none other then my brother standing there with a smirk on his face. He's so dead.

"It is the first day of summer. What would posses you to wake me up now?" I yelled sitting up in my queen sized bed. Aren't twins supposed to share a bond and know what the other wants? Well it's eleven in the morning and I want sleep.

"I just wanted to say hi." He laughed at the face I made at him, which looked like a murderer about to kill their pray. Throwing the covers from my body I was hit with cold air but I pushed the thought away and chased my brother down the stairs.

As I was running my stupid brother laughed like crazy. Let's pause for a second. Let me introduce myself, the names Gracie Sinclair and the brother that I'm ready to kill is Aiden. Were the twins and only children in my family. This brother could be the worst or the best, like times like these he's pretty bad and when he's overprotective it's worse. But then when I need him he's there for me like when I got drunk at a party and he had to carry me home but that's another story. My brother and I are seventeen and just finished high school and we need to worry about college. Now back to me killing my brother.

"Get back here you weasel!" My brother dogged into the living room and I followed only to see that his three friends were sitting on couches and now staring at me.

"Whoa, Gracie how come you don't dress like this for us in school?" asked one of his friends Jared. I looked down to see I was in short shorts and a tang top that was riding up and showing my stomach. Oh my god. I blushed and pulled down my shirt.

"Hey! Don't talk to her like that she's my sister." Aiden yelled hitting his friend in the head. Then he took off his shirt and covered me with it by shoving it over my head. This is a great way to wake up.

Well the three boys that my brother decided to become friends with in first grade are Jared, as you know, Kaleb and Oliver. They, including my brother, were all on the soccer team when we went to high school and were the most sought after boys in the school. But I would never date them. one because I spent so much time with them growing up that I could actually distinguish who farted by the smell of it. Yes I know bad but true.

"Well now that you have all seen me like this I think I'm going to go flush my head down the toilet."

"Need help?" Aiden asked standing from the couch with a smirk on his face.

"No I think I can handle it."

Walking back up the stairs I sighed knowing that I would not be able to go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. The first day of summer and I wasted the best hours of sleep time. My head is killing me from the party I went to last night and all I wanted to do was sleep. I don't even know why the three idiots are in my house this early, if I was them I would be tired seeing as they were all drunk at the party last night. When I got to my room I decided that I would change into some nicer shorts and a band tee shirt. I brushed my straight brown hair and then let it fall to my shoulders. With that done I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

"Hey Gracie come down here I need to talk to you!" yelled Aiden up the stairs. I washed my mouth out then headed to see what the bone head wanted from my life. When I got down there all the boys had serious faces on and were sitting. I cocked my eyebrows up and sat on the arm of a chair.

"Yes?" I asked annoyed.

"Is there anything that happened last night that you would like to tell me?" my brother asked.

"Like what?" I was totally clueless.

"Um maybe how a guy molested you?!" he yelled with a angry face.

"What!?" I stood up and yelled back.

"Kaleb here says that he saw some guy grabbed your ass and then you slapped him. When were you going to tell me?" oh crap.

"Look Aid, nothing happened it was just a guy being a jerk. He was drunk and we danced but he took it…. out of control? Its nothing don't freak okay?"

"I can't deal with this. I told you no boys and so you dance with some?" protective mode coming in.

"Aiden! I haven't dated one guy longer then a week all because of you and I have to sneak them when I do date them. I'm tired of it. You need to let me go out there and find someone. I can't be alone forever. How about you? You're dating my best friend and did I complain? No."

"That's different, I'm looking out for you." He defended himself.

"There's a fine line between looking out for someone and totally running their lives." I commented and then walked out of the house leaving the boys to ponder what I had said. I walked to my next door neighbor's house and climbed the gutter. When I got to a window that I want to enter I started to knock. Soon a blonde haired girl opened it with a smirk on her face.

"Climbing houses I see? I have a front door Grace." She stood aside and let me in. I looked around my friend Emma's room and saw there was some picture around, some of me and her other friends.

"Well where is the fun in that Em? Okay I can't stand living in that house, the three dummies are over and I want to kill them. Then stupid Kaleb told Aiden that Justin grabbed my ass. You know how that goes, I don't even know why Michelle dates him." I complained and fell back onto her bed.

"Well he's hot." She shrugged her shoulders and fell next to me.

I sighed disgusted "So didn't need to hear that he's my brother. I shared a womb with him."

"Where is Michelle anyways?" Emma asked looking at me.

"Right here." Michelle yelled climbing into the room from the entrance I had chosen. I smiled as she ran towards the bed and plopped down.

"Why were you talking about my oh so great boy toy?" She joked laughing at the disgusted face I mad at hearing boy toy.

"Well he's annoying let's leave it at that. Guys want to come over to my house? I'm bored and the boys are over." I asked sitting up.

"Sure good with me." the girls agreed and then we all walked down stairs and into the kitchen where Mrs. Nash was standing and making breakfast. When she saw us there was a surprised look to her face.

"I didn't hear you girls come in."

"We're just quiet I guess." I smiled lying so that Emma's sneaking out tool wasn't found out.

"Oh well how are you both, and your parents?" she asked going back to cooking. I loved the way that Mrs. Nash was a house wife, not that I think woman shouldn't work but it gives Emma time to spend with her mom. My mom works a lot as a nurse so I don't see her all that much. Then there was my father and he is a Cop. I see him more often but sometimes he's on call.

"Oh there good, and me to." Michelle spoke.

"Same here." I replied.

"Well mom were off now, going to Gracie's and won't be back until later. See you bye."

"Bye girls have fun." We al left the house and crossed her lawn then mine to get to my front door. Once we got there I braced myself for the entry and to see the boys again only to be subjected to the stupid things that they would probably say and do.

I opened the door and then walked into my house. The boys were on the couch playing video games but when we came in they stopped and looked up at us.

"Why hello ladies." Oliver exclaimed.

"Down boy don't get to excited." I told with a smile on my face. Then I saw Michelle go over to Aiden and sit next to him. They started to talk and I looked over to Emma who was looking back at me thinking the same thing. There too cute for each other. Yeah it had taken me some time to get used to the idea that they were dating but then they like each other so what could I do?

I walked over to the Couch that Kaleb was sitting on and sat next to him. He looked over at me and smiled a weird smile. He had liked me since the eight grade when he noticed that I was a girl and since then had a crush on me. Of course Aiden flipped when he found out and yes he did find out because he caught Kaleb staring at me one night. The poor boy wasn't aloud over for a month. And it didn't help that he liked me because he made it hard to date boys. All three of my brother's friends made it hard. They all watched out for me and if they saw anyone, anyone being a male, come near me they would go all testosterone filled. I'm just glad high school is done and that they will have a harder time protecting me.

I had told Kaleb that I would never go out with him, but I didn't say it in a mean way. I told him nicely and carefully. It would just be to weir for me to date the boy and he understood. I loved him with all my heart and didn't want things to be weird with us. And I would never see him as a guy to go out with. Yeah he's hot but that's not enough for me.

Then there's Jared. He's the guy that is all sports. He even got a scholarship to a school for college that I'm thinking of going to. He's smart to and kinda the bad boy. Last there's Oliver. The sweet, perverted Oliver. Love him but he's crazy.

"Aid, when is the family coming home?" I questioned relaxing into the soft couch under me.

"Um tonight I think. But we have to stay on the block. Something about having weird people around town or something." He replied and then went back to talking to Michelle. Well this is going to be a boring day.

"I'm not staying here all day. And I need to go to the store to pick up my check from working the other night. Ill be right back." I got up and grabbed my keys from the counter. The girls won't mind if I leave for a little.

I walked to my car and then got in. I was proud to say I bought this car by my self. Not that my parents couldn't afford it but I didn't want them wasting there money. Looking both ways before pulling out I made sure no cars were coming. I need to watch how I drive because my dad is doing rounds today and if he found me speeding then I would be dead.

On the way to the store I work at, a food store, I blasted the music from the radio and let the music run through me. I love music it seems to calm me. As I stopped and a stop sign I looked both ways. No cars. I started to drive forward but a car turned the corner and was going at a fast speed. Before I could react I was hit. Oh shit.

Luckily I wasn't hurt but my poor car! It hit the opposite side I was sitting on and I was blessed not to have a scratch on me. Pissed I got out of the car. Oh and did I mention I have a temper? This was not going to go that well. I slammed the door to my car and waited for the idiot to get out of his car. When he did I was met with a really cute guy but that didn't matter because he crashed into me! Wait till Aiden finds out about this.

"What the hell is your problem!? Did you not see me driving or are you juts stupid!" I yelled at the boy who looked pissed.

"Do you see that sign?! It reads STOP! Meaning that you stop the car when you come up to it." He yelled back getting close to me.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure I learned that when I got my license! Did they teach you not to speed?!" Now I pushed his chest causing him to stumble back.

"What the hell back off Barbie! I was looking where I was going and I was not speeding. Sorry if I was going to fast for you granny."

"Oh you did not just call me granny." I yelled. Then I got my cell out and called no other then Aiden. He could fix this and fix this guys face into a different form.

"Aiden some jerk just crashed into me and then decided it would be smart to mess with me and yell into my face. Come here I need you." I whined sounding sad to get my brother more pissed.

"Be right there." Then he hung up. Haha this boy is in for it.

"You are going to pay for this. I'm calling the police."

"Oh yes have fun and would you be a dear and ask for the chief because I know my dad would love to know his baby got smashed into." I smiled. I win.