"Wait your dad's the chief of police?" The blonde boy asked walking over to me once again. I took a step away.

"Yeah and your screwed. Once my brother gets here then you will be dead." I told him smiling in a you lose kind of face. I kinda feel bad for this guy. NOT.

"whatever." He mumbled. I then took out my phone to call my father. We still needed to get someone to take care of the damage. I dialed the number into my cell and then waited for the ringing to stop and daddy to answer.

"Hello this is Chief Sinclair."

"Daddy?" I asked I a sweet voice.

"Yes baby girl?" he asked in the nice father voice rather then the work voice he answered with.

"I was just in a accident. I know I wasn't supposed to leave the house but I needed to pick up something from the store and well some jerk rammed into me when he was speeding."

"Where are you, I'm coming right now." Now his voice was all protective.

"I'm on Cherry Hill Street."

"Be there soon." Now all I needed to do was wait for the family to arrive.

My poor car. This is going to cost some money to fix seeing at the door on the right side is smashed in. this guy better pay, he was the one at fault here. I did what I was supposed to and looked both ways. He speed and then hit me. Soon I heard a car coming and knew it was my brother. I know the way that his truck hums. In the bed of the truck were the boys minus my brother and then inside were the girls and Aiden. As soon as he stopped the car they all got out and then started to look at the car as the girls stared at the idiot who hit me.

"Wow you all came now I feel special. And Emma stop drooling at the guy!" I laughed as she took on an offended face.

"Gracie, are you okay?" my brother asked looking at me. I nodded my head then noticed that Aiden started making his way over to the guy.

"What the hell were you thinking? I know that my sister is a great driver and that you have to be the one at fault. And what's up with you yelling at her?" he pushed the guy and as he was about the hit him a cop car rolled over.

"Aiden Sinclair walk away from that boy." M father's voice boomed. Great right when I was going to get my wish.

"Son what's your name?" my dad asked walking over.

"Carter Gage. Look I just moved here and I was driving around looking for the new street I was supposed to move onto and didn't see your daughter." Wow nice name.

"Look we can settle this out of court if you want no need to make this a big deal. I can pay for my daughter's car but I will need to give you and my daughter a ticket." He explained writing him and me both up. Great a ticket. And this boy should o to jail!

I sighed and looked over to Carter. He had a smile on his face wit no a smirk. And he was looking at me. Wow I hate him already. And worse off his moving here! I wonder where to.

"Where were you looking for? I could show you the way there." And of cores my father has to be nice and offer him something. I thought he would be mad about a guy hitting me but I guess not.

"I was looking for Hampton street." He replied swirling his keys in the air around his fingers.

"Oh I live on that street. Were you moving into the house number 567?" no please no!


"That's next door to me. Hey neighbor." Why god! Why do this to me. Great now he's going to be living next door to me.

"Michelle, Emma. Did I just hear that right?"

"Sorry hun but yeah. Look at the bright side he's hot."

"Emma Nash I am going to pretend that I just did not hear that come out of your mouth."

"Oh calm down I would never go for him. One being his eyes are set for you and he's not my type." She sighed leaning against my brother's car.

"Okay unless glaring eyes mean they love you I don't think he has any eyes for me. Just look at him. He's the devil!" I exclaimed. Both of the girls laughed and then we got into my car. I was not waiting for him to follow the car.

I turned the music on and then started to drive. Waving to my father I passed him and then drove to the supermarket to get my check. I was not forgetting that. The drive took about ten minuets and then I got my check. The amount read two hundred dollars from the month that I worked. I'll just add this to my bank account later.

"What is that car doing in my driveway?" I questioned seeing Carters car behind Aiden's.

"Maybe the guys hit it off?" Michelle guessed. Not what I wanted to hear. I opened the door and got out of my car after grabbing the keys. I was going to find out what he was doing at my house.

I walked up the pathway and then opened the door to the house. Inside I saw all the guys on the couch talking. Oliver was playing a video game with Kaleb. My brother was now talking with Carter. What the hell happened to hating him after he annoyed me?

"Um hello? What is he doing here?" I asked sitting next to Aiden on the couch. Michelle and Emma just stood there with smiles on their faces. Nice to know they love me getting annoyed.

"Well Gracie we decided that we would give Carter here a chance. Be nice. Oh and Carter all this talking about being nice reminded me that we need to give you the talk." My brother said turning off the TV, ignoring the protests from the boys playing games. Soon when everyone settled the boys were all looking at Carter.

"First off Gracie is off limits. Period. You don't look at her, touch her or talk like a perverted little boy to her." all the boys glared at Carter as he looked amused.

"Why would I want her?" he questioned. I looked at him with anger and walked up to him.

"You may not want me but other boys do. And when boys get near me theses people" I motioned to the boys. "Get all attack dog. So they give that talk to everyone, your not special."

"Look Barbie if I wanted you then they would not stop me." he whispered.

"Yeah but then I would." I smiled and then walked back over to the girls motioning them to follow me up the stairs.

When we got upstairs I fell back on my bed as the girls took a chair that was at my desk and one that was in a corner of the room. He's going to be here more often I can just tell and this is not going to go well. I can tell me and this boy will not going to be getting along that well.

"Gracie I feel really bad for you." Emma sighed putting her straight blonde hair into a loose bun.

"Thanks Em." This sucks.

"Yeah I can just tell that this boy is going to be full of him self, conceited, egotistical and annoying to top it all off." Michelle said from the corner.

"Or he could be the man of my dreams." I dreamily replied. We all looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

"Yeah well he's definably a frog now you need to make him into a prince."

"Michelle that won't happen. From the first day in knowing him he already wrecked my car, insulted me, pretty much said I was the ugliest thing on the earth and annoyed the yell out of me since I saw his face. A real winner." I sarcastically replied.

"Well it seems to me as a lovers quarrel." Emma I want to kill you.

I laughed and then sat up in my bed. "This is nothing close to it. I declare right now that that boy is the enemy."

"Oh stop it. The kid is new. Hey that reminds me lets go and interrogate him!" we all got up and then made our way downstairs and into the kitchen where I saw Carter getting a water bottle out of the fridge. Now is our time.

I hopped onto the counter by Carter and took his water bottle out of his hands. The rest of the girls came around him to.

"Um I was going to drink that." He pointed to the water I was now sipping.

"That's okay I don't mind. Um we need to talk to you. If your going to hang with our crew then we need to know some things about you."

"And what would that be Gracie?" he asked testing out my name. ugh.

"Like where did you move from? Siblings? Do you drink? Things like that."

"And if you're single?" Emma added in. he laughed and then hopped onto the counter next to me.

"Okay well I moved here from New York because my mom just wanted to live here in Jersey. I have an older brother that's 19, his names Gavin. Umm I'm seventeen like you three. I do not have a girlfriend we broke up right before I moved here and that's pretty much it. How about you all."

"Well My name is Michelle, hey. I live across the street so you will be seeing me a lot and I am dating Aiden."

"My name is Emma. I live next door to the right and I have no boyfriend. No siblings either."

"Well I'm Gracie, as you know. Sometime people call me Grace. I have no boyfriend because Aiden chases all of them away."

"Well you all seem so interesting." He sarcastically said. I pushed him and then hopped off the counter.

"So are you going to be staying friends with the boys?" Emma asked.

"Yeah there all cool. And there is no more high school so I can't make other friends. The guys are cool though."

"True. Well where is the family and when are you moving in?" I asked sipping on the water again then smiling showing that I stole it and he wasn't getting it back.

"Well were staying at the motel tonight and then moving in tomorrow so the paint can dry in the rooms. My brother should be over there now though. Do you guys want to come and look at the place and meet him." Um no I don't want to go anywhere with you. But I didn't say that because Michelle seemed to be excited to go and meet his brother. Just great.

So now I was standing in a house that smelt like paint. We just got in and I hadn't seen Gavin yet but Carter was looking for him. I looked around the living room that we were standing in and noticed that it was painted a nice light yellow color. Nice taste. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw a boy that looked to be a little older then me standing next to Carter. He was very cute and looked a little like Carter but his eyes were blue.

He had a nice smile on his face and walked over to me and the girls.

"Hello ladies, I'm Gavin. This boy's older brother. Might I say you all look gorgeous."

"Hi I'm Gracie and these are Emma and Michelle. We live next door and across the street." I smiled and shook his hand.

"Well who is the one that my brother hit with his car?"

"That's would be me and for the record it was totally his fault I had nothing to do with starting the accident." I defended myself.

"Yeah I figured that much, my little brother doesn't know how to drive that well. And Carter what were you saying about her being annoying? I find her charming." He laughed at the glare his brother sent him.

"You're calling me annoying? Look at you, you move here and think your some big hot thing in town. Reality check your not." I told him with my hand on my hips.

"Now you got her going. Tip boys, don't get her mad." Emma said hiding a smile.

"Oh and what are you going to do?" Carter asked like he was all that. "Hit me?" he questioned and then started to laugh. Oh my god annoying much.

I glared and then took a running start. Soon I was on top of him and tickling him and slapping at him. Next I sent a punch into his side. He struggled to get me off.

"What the hell? Crazy freak get the hell off." Gavin grabbed me and hosted me off his brother laughing.

"Hahah I like this girl Car." He laughed holding me back as his brother got off.

"Well watch out her brother will kill you."

"What do you mean?"

"Her brother is all about her no dating and shit. So just watch out don't hold her like that when he's around." Michelle told him prying his hands off me.

"Okay fine with me because I think my brother has something for her."

"NO I DON'T!" "NO HE DOESN'T!" we yelled at the same time. Ugh brothers!