Melissa was thrust on the floor. She felt sick. She struggled. Blood poured out of her head in small amounts. As Alfred rammed her head against the floor, trying to knock her unconsciene (a/n: PLEASE EXCUSE MY SPELLING), she tried to adjust her eyes and look around the room, trying to find some sanctuary... some utensil to stop the mad man that was trying to kill her. His cold hands grabbed at her face, punching her. She kicked and shoved. She grabbed his black thick hair and yanked.
Her eyes searched. She felt nothing but cold hard floor. She finally felt her desk. Somehow melissa managed to slide backwards. SHe banged a button. It flashed red, and a small beep went off. Outside, thunder roared and she knew no one could hear her screams.
" Please GOD let someone see the alarm!" she shouted, ignoring the smug look on her attacker and once patient's face, " I don't know how much longer I can fight!"

Danielle drove quietly down the dark street, ignoring the bands of kids in black, with ear rings almost everywhere. Sick, she thought to herself, Simply Sick. THe radio held on two D.J.s talking about the Sopranos.
"I can't take talking. I need some MUSIC!" she roared, hitting a radio button. She turned up the volume as a good oldies song came on.
In her small BMW she felt scared. These kids stared at her, whispered as she turned the corners, and some were probably following her at this moment. She imagined her mother reprimanding her " You can only have 2 earrings on your ears!".
So much for mom's advice, she thought. She listened, but these kids sure didn't. They were pale, and had ear rings, nose rings, ring on lips, belly buttons, eye brows etc. It made her sick to her stomach looking at them.
" What you looking at lady?" some kid with a dog collar on her neck screamed from inside her group. She held a half smoked cigarette in her hand and black lip stick.
"I thought it was a girl, but I must've been mistaken." Danielle mumbled under her breath. She zippered her NIKE jacket higher.
" What you say?!" the kid screamed, coming closer to the car. She swore and Danielle sped down the block. The girl followed her halfway down while her friends threw large rocks at the windows. One pelted right inside and shattered half the window. A loud cheer was heard by the kids, followed by roaring laughter. The regular night routine, Danielle could picture the punks saying. She finally arrived to the grocery store. It looked tattered, and ready to fall down at the slight touch of wind.
She stepped inside. On the shelves were the usual. Danielle pulled some chips, cokes, beers, and some goods and paid for it all.
" Oh darn," she said, snapping her fingers," I forgot to get some ice. Hold on, okay?" she said to the saleslady. The woman was overweight, and had blonde curly hair. She pointed to the back of the store to a pair of freezers. Danielle jogged to the freezers, and as the bell jungled that someone came in, she turned to look, and slammed her finger in the revolving doors.
" OW you..." she lowered her voice as she swore to the door. It sounded something like " you mumble mumble, your a mumble mumble, mumble mumble, and ur momma mumble mubmel a mumble."
She looked and her finger was bleeding. Gross, she thought. She shoved over some bags that looked defected and one that had melted ice that had formed into just one whole big BLOCK of ice. It had a hole in it. She grabbed the bag underneath. Meanwhile, the person in front grabbed the block of ice and inspected it, while melissa noticed EXACTLY who's arm had reached into the freezer. It was that girl that attacked her with rocks. Danielle silently slipped her bleeding hand into her pocket, and removed a small pocket knife. SHe slipped it open, ( forget the automatic button- it's too noisy, she thought.) and held it right around her waste, and she poised to strike. Danielle began to walk away when she heard the block of ice fall to the floor. Danielle shrieked in surprise, and the girl slipped the plastic bag over her head. Danielle screamed and tried to struggle. She finally remember the knife. Yet, she had dropped it onto the floor. She fought the gurl, and finally manage to bite her hand. She fell to the floor, she picked up the knife and without thinking sliced open the bag, luckily not hurting herself. She pulled the bag over her head and threw it to the ground. She kicked the punk to the floor, and brought the glittering knife to her throat, not caring what security cameras saw. The kid still wanted to fight.
" Listen, brat. You get the hell up and leave me alone. Try anything and i swear to Christ I will rip you up. You got me?" Danielle brought the knife closer to her face. The girl nodded. Danielle let her go, and the girl got up and bounded out the door. Danielle swerved on her heels and tried to see if anyone else was here trying to get her. She saw a man holding a gun to the clerk's head, finally retreating with the leader. She brought the ice up, and with her bleeding hand, added $2.50 to the total and left with her stuff.

The manager of the Asylum sat, eating a strawberry doughnut that Mel's friend brought. He stuffed it selfishly into this mouth, smiling and staring at the security cameras. Instead of the office, and the cells, he was watching Sopranos rerun.
' Sopranos has become a big series...' Danielle had said as she handed him the box of doughnuts and chips. Then she had retreated to the kitchen to put some stuff away, and then to the living room to watch TV, not the Sopranos, though.
The manager, also known as DAVE, looked at the plain white clock hanging on the wall. It read 8:15. He switched off the Tv and checked the cells one by one. THere was nothing bad going on... some people moaned, others were urinating, others jabbering to themselves. He checked the white room screen and noticed no one in there.
" Oh yea... she was taking him for a session." he muttered to himself, smacking himself lightly on the forehead. He switched to the Fervados' cell and saw he wasn't there. Only one place else. He gasped. When he switched on the screen for Melissa's office, where he has admired and watched the beautiful girl in fascination for the past weeks, there was mel on the floor, obviosly wounded. A pool of blood around her head. She was awake, and giving a good fight. Fervado was sitting on her, striking her head, and obviosly trying to suffocate her with his own body. He grabbed his faithful .44 that was sitting next to him, waiting for some action. He signaled for the guards as he lept from his seat, air rushing into the padding, and ran, slamming the door. He ran down halls as the cell mates screamed to him. They cheered Fervado. The sick pervs, Dave thought. He opened the door, and without thinking tackeled Fervado. Both let out a surprised scream as Fervado's breath was knocked out.
" Get off me, I must kill her! KILL! KILLING! MUST NOT LET HIM DOWN. He'LL HURT ME IF I LET HIM DOWN! MUST KILL!" Fervado screamed. Melissa brought herself up, and listened to these words. They were going to stay with her for a while. That she knew.
" Thanks, Dave! I was afraid I was gonna die!" Melissa said.
" What do you want me to do with him?" Dave asked, wrist locking Fervado behind his back.
" White room. Straight jacket." She said. She looked at the animal that attacked her with pure rage. Finally, the security guards arrived, and dragged him away while Fervado screamed the continued threats " I MUST KILL, KILL! MUST NOT LET HIM DOWN! HE'LL HURT ME IF I LET HIM DOWN! MUST KILL!"
In fact, those words alone made Melissa have trouble sleeping that night.
"Who was he talking about? WHO was going to hurt him? The Devil? Maybe... not precise, though. Too original for him... plus he's wearing a cross." Melissa questioned and searched his files. She couldn't find one answer.

On the way home, Danielle asked her:
" What do you think he meant? I heard him when the guards were dragging him out."
" I don't know... I'll find out tommorow." She said, in a tone that meant she was done talking about it.
They drove home in silence.