Didn't Mean to Hurt You

you're made of my rib oh baby
you're made of my sin
and I can't tell where your lust ends
and where your love begins
I didn't want to hurt you baby

She smiled, glad that she had finally given into him. She shivered as a cool breeze trailed its fingers over her still damp skin, causing her to shiver and move closer to him. She'd wanted him from the beginning and the fact that she loved him made it so much easier. To give in. He pulled her into his arms and she placed her head on his chest, sealing their love with a kiss, right over his heart.

but you're pretty when you cry
and the moon gives me permission
and I enter through her eyes
she's losing her virginity
and all her will to compromise
I didn't want to hurt you baby

"Brad, seriously, why don't you take me out or something, I'm beginning to think your embarrassed of me." She said with a smile, joking for the most part but the other, the smaller part deadly serious. Brad pulled her into his arms, fingers intertwining with hers as he kissed her.

"Naw babe, it's not that. Just you know, I think we could spend our time doing more, interesting things than wandering around like mall rats," he said while nuzzling her neck. She giggled, forgetting the fact that she had really wanted to watch to go out for a change, notincing once again just how gorgeous he was, the way his brown eyes seemed to shine and the way he sometimes licked his lips when he spoke, as if he was nervous. She smiled again, tightening her hold on his hand and kissed him.

I didn't really love you
but I'm pretty when I lie
you hurt me baby
I hurt you baby

She shivered, hugging herself as she walked through the rain, looking for Brad. He hadn't been home in two days, ever since their argument. She hadn't meant to imply that he was lying to her she just got insecure sometimes.

She turned a corner pulling his jacket tighter around herself stopping short as she saw Brad walking with his arms wrapped around another girl. She walked up to him, unsure as to what was going on.

"Brad?" she asked questioningly, shoving her dripping hair from out of her eyes.

The girl he was with tottered a bit on her heels, her mascara heavy eyes looking her over scornfully. "Brad, you know that?"

Brad laughed, "Cindy, she's a girl I spent a night with. I can't even remember her name."

She stared at him, as her heart broke right then, and then she pulled off her coat, his coat, and threw it to the ground turning and running into the storm.

If you knew how much I love you
you would run away
but when I treat you bad
it always makes you want to stay

He stared after her, fighting the urge to go after her although it killed him inside every time he did something like that. He didn't know why he did it. That's why it was better if they stayed in their own world, that's why it was better if it was just the two of them in a room everyone else forgotten, because then he wouldn't see that he couldn't be saved. Then she wouldn't see that she was too good for him.

He didn't know why she stayed. His worse fear was that he'd let her know what she really meant to him, and then she'd leave him on his own forever. Just like he deserved.

a/n: I know, I haven't posted anything since I finished WDC, busy with school and what not and when I do post it's this angsty little one-shot but in my defence it's sort of based off of a story I was thinking about writing. Very loosely based. The song is Pretty When I Cry by Vast, personally I don't like the way it's sung but I liked the lyrics. I actually wrote this a while ago, saw it twerked it a bit and here you go.

In case anyone was wondering I do have another story in the works, It Was Only a Kiss, still working out whether I want it to be a supernatural story or not, add in the fact it's the first story I've written that is supposed to be a romance and not friendship and growth it shall be interesting. I actually have quite a few stories going but between school and getting irritated with the stories before I can get past the first chapter, nothing has been posted. Hoping to change that.

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It Was Only A Kiss:

Judith Blake was not an idiot. She wasn't a genius, she despised math but aside from a few freaks who didn't? and she wasn't that cute, but she knew for a fact that she had basic common sense. Of course when she woke up in a strange room, in a strange house after attending a strange party with people she barely knew, wearing only her underwear, bra and some dude's t-shirt she began to question just how much sense she had at all. Much less the common kind.

Genre: Romance/Humour