I remember your eyes.
The deep brown pools of light
Pulling me forward
Toward you
With a need welling up inside of me
A desperate call
I heard my heart make
Calling you to come to me
And be mine.
Yet your heart turned deaf
You walked away
Letting me fall-dropping me
Like a vase.
I smashed on the ground into a
Thousand porcelain pieces
Scattered about your floor.
I hated you from that moment
Slowly I glued myself back together
Piece by piece
Watching you leave me filled
My empty heart with rage
Making it emptier still
I swore id spit on those eyes
If I ever saw them again.
But when you turn away
My heart bends so painfully
I cannot bear to look at you
But the pain is worse when
I look away
As if with every step you take
My heart leaves with you
And I am left with nothing
An empty case
Where a vase used to lie.