The other day I was walking by

And I noticed something forgotten by time

I stopped to stare

And had to wonder

As I pushed back my hair

I let my fingers trace the cool stone

Of another time

Who was this girl carved in marble

With a smile so like mine?

Did she have the fears I have or

Was that smile as fake as mine?

Did she scream at the mirror?

Or was she completely happy?

She looks so composed.

And still. And safe.

I feel like she pities me.

"Poor little one, is it still so hard

To be who you are?"

I frown with tears

Angry and jealous

Of this girl forgotten by time

I'm sure she didn't die sad

Or feel lonely as I

She lacked no suitors I'm sure

I fight for one who

Mostly I never know if he's actually there

I bet she never fought with her parents

Or her hair

Then I notice

As I turn to stride

Angrily away

Why this girl

Time forgot

On a polished rock

"In memory of all girls

Like this one

Lonely and insecure.

Never cry darlings,

The world lives for your


I just sit at her feet

How well met

Are we?

well how'd you like?