You're a mystery

Sadness was the feel that I felt when you held me hostage in your sweet embrace. My eyes did cry and my heart did break before memory face. I try not to remember but fate smile to greet me in such a nasty way. I'm your and that mean forever cause I know that I can never have you back.

Cause you're a mystery that leave me living in the past of you.

That look upon your face when you loved me tender in my loneliness. Sweet was those days when I knew you ways. Suffer was the signs when it was all over and I suffer deep. You looked inside your love like there was no tomorrow as I held back those tears.

There were so many words that you said that shook my inside. Lord girl when you finish I had to ask baby do you lie. You held on to those long ago past days that just rode by, that every time I see you or hear about your life I just fall to cry.

Cause you're a mystery

Even to me.

By Ronald Campbell.