Stop The Past

Here another years to bear the truth, here another memory to get through when I think of you. Have not loved well since you been gone, like the love of word they left me and can't be found. How can this be so, I been living on memories of so long ago? All the love we made are nothing but endless days, which seem to never die? Baby can you stop the years of pain deep inside.

Everywhere I go I can hear you laugh, it follow me like a shadow of a broken past. Sometime it can be the way someone is looking and there you are. Am I'm all alone? Do you ever think of me? Cause when I wake up in the morning you are not where you use to be? Is there any chance that you don't believe that you get lonely too?

If you were here would you remember? Cause loving you once I wasn't strong enough, baby please forgive me. And stop the past, please mend my heart again. Don't leave me here in the past.

By Ronald Campbell.