Are You An Angel?

Five years ago, the little girl

Was born blind, never to see.

Her soft blue eyes radiated

Love and appealed to me.

Her parents loved her so much more

Than any others you could find.

And thought she was a different child,

She never really seemed to min.

She simply showed to everyone

A child's love, and they loved her too.

And her soft eyes, though couldn't see,

Pierced many, those round eyes of blue.

And then one day, the child got ill.

Doctors said it was a surprise.

She slipped into a coma and was

Predicted to never again rise.

On the second morning

Of her hospital stay,

"Cancer" was to be her fate.

A year ago, they could have helped,

But now it was just too late.

I came to her bedside,

Took her spirit by the hand.

She arose, her body staying

By the little white nightstand.

Those clear, round eyes of blue

Gazed into my face.

Uncertain, she looked back and saw

Her body, still in place.

"'Scuse me, are you an angel?"

She asked with child's faith.

I smiled down and nodded

Into her earnest face.

"Mommy's gonna miss me,"

She whispered, looking back.

Her mother wept over still, cold hands

And begged her to come back.

My eyes were full of tears,

But now it was too late.

"I'm sorry, hon, but your mom

Is going to have to wait."

She nodded, but down rosy cheeks

Trickled two small tears.

That memory lasted

And stayed with me for years.

"'Scuse me, are you an angel?"

I see those piercing eyes

And though it happened long ago,

The memory still cries.

And though she really always was,

Now she's an angel too,

And she can see us clearly

With unclouded eyes of blue.

Her parents made it here with her,

Not too far behind,

And as they're reunited

I watch from a sideline.

They hug and love and cherish her

And as they walk away,

I smile and remember

The echo of that day.

"'Scuse me – are you an angel?"