Invisible to You

I pass you in the hall,

I smile and say "hi";

I can't even tell if you heard me-

You just keep walking by.

In class, I ask you a question;

You look up, clearly surprised-

A one-word answer, yes or no,

Then you avert your eyes.

I wonder, am I invisible?

Not "cool" enough for you?

Do you really only see me

If I make the first move?

Do you even try to know me?

Oh no – your friends resist.

Tell me, how can I talk to you

If I don't exist?

I sit next to you in math,

You don't understand the work;

Instead of merely asking me,

You turn and ask some jerk.

I let my hair fall in my face,

Trying not to scream-

Frustration washes over me,
But you're too blind to see.

I wonder, if I was transparent,

My soul clearly displayed,

Would you want to meet me, then,

If my life was an open page?

Or am I so dull of mind,

So ignorant, to you,

That even with all my heart revealed,

You'd scoff, and ignore me too?

But if not – if you liked what you saw –

May I ask: what then?

Would you keep me by your side,

And try to be a friend?

I have no answers to my questions-

No one knows but you;

But until you answer me, I'm still

Invisible to you.