Sometimes I wish the world was better.

Sometimes I wish people were better.

Sometimes I just wish I was better.

Better at kindness, better at loving;

Better at bravery, better at strength;

Better with willpower; better all-around.

But the world doesn't work like a vending machine -

Drop a wish in, things will work out.

The world doesn't care what you want,

What you wish,

What you dream.

The world thinks only of itself, preening itself and trying to achieve


Why can't it be different?

Why won't it turn its thoughts to me,

Just for one day, give me what I want?

No one knows the answers to these questions.

So I'll stop wishing. It has no meaning. I could just wish my life away, achieving


It looks like I'm on my own.

I'll better myself, I'll try to succeed,

I'll try not to cry, I'll try to be brave.

I'll try to be strong, I'll try to be kind.

I'll try to have love, even though this world won't deserve it.

But I'll try anyway.

I can make it.

I may never have the most kindness,

Or the most willpower.

I may never be the most loving

The bravest, or the strongest.

I might even still have a wish or two.

I may never perfect the world,

Or the people in it.

But I can try to perfect me.

Because I'm the only one with that power.

No one else can make me better.

Only I can. And I may not succeed.

But I'll try anyway.

I can make it.