Alexus blinked his eyes open and glanced slowly around his room. Morning sunlight filtered under the slightly moving curtains to make dancing patterns on the floor. Stretching Alexus slid out of the bed revealing an only slightly muscled body wearing blue boxes with yellow smiley faces.

He made his way across his room pausing to grab clean clothes for the new day. Alexus continued on his way down the hall. Scratching the back of his head with one hand he reached out for the handle of the bathroom door with the other. bsently noting the warmth of the air inside the bathroom.

Alexus closed the door behind him and dropped the clothes in a pile on the floor under the towel rack. He paused to sniff the air and frowned at the fruity smell of his sister's shampoo. Bianca usually slept in till midday and it was still morning.

Hesitantly Alexus moved towards the shower and pulled back the curtain. His eyes widened and his face turned red. Gasping he let go of the curtain and raced back to his room. Gasping Alexus lent against his back against the door leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

Unbidden the magnificent image of the beautiful muscular man in the shower jumped to mind. He felt himself harden and blushed.

"Shit" he whispered. Who the hell was the handsome man and what was he doing in Alexus's shower?