"What about this?" Devilin asked. Alexus sighed and turned around. He appreciated Devilins help but there tastes were so vastly different it was painful. They were looking at t-shirts for Alexus since half of his shirts had mysteriously started disappearing after Devilin had arrived, but the things Devilin held up for Alexus to wear… well they weren't really even t-shirts.

"What the Fuck?" Alexus asked his brows coming together as he stared at the little squeeze bottle in Devilins hand. "We are here looking for T-shirts not… whatever that is" Devilin smirked obviously happy to know something Alexus didn't. Wich was rare considering Alexus was smart enough to have been put forward a class at school.

"Its alcoholic lubricant" Alexus blushed and glanced around hoping no one had heard him. A girl standing in the nest aisle giggled and rushed off to her friends.

"Devilin!" he hissed embarrassed. He spied on the girls from between the numerous racks of t-shirts. He hoped she didn't tell them what Devilin had said.

"What-I thought you were the adventurous? You were the one who walked in on me in the shower. Me your poor little home stay" Devilin laughed evilly and Alexus scowled at him. Wishing fruitlessly that Devilin would just forget his stupid mistake. "Why don't you buy it? We can try it out at home" Alexus's eyes widened and snapped around at the explosion of giggles in the next aisle. Blushing madly he spun around and rushed out of the shop. He knew he'd never go back there again. As he got in the car he wondered what kind of t-shirt shop sold any kind of lubricant let alone alcoholic lubricant.