-Hey, just to let you know, I prefer that this become a mysterious, plot twisting bank of works, and words. It'll be new ground for me to cover, but im ready to shock my audiences. Enjoy this short introduction to Marcy. The title may change, as i haven't decided what i actually want. wellenjoy!-

Is it my time? Should I for which not, to think I even could...write a bestseller? I've become more stubborn in my recent days, dismal, and of no use to anyone. After all I can think of to say, I give horrid and critical remarks. Why do I think im so much better? I just know it somewhere... Some deep gut-feeling, that the whole god-forsaken world feels as well as myself. Some angle that I, alone, could bring to the table, that no one else saw coming.

Yeah... We had it rough, didn't we?
Two years in safe-keeping she said. Two years.
And the plot thickens. Nothing meant something, and something meant nothing.

Early morning came, and I wasn't sure I could stomach my split pea, breakfast soup. Split-pea? Just for the record, I wasn't at all interested in peas...or Tuesdays. Today was a Monday. But since it was Monday that meant tomorrow is Tuesday. On Tuesday you think, oh great, Tomorrows Wednesday... Half a week to go. By Wednesday you're saying, shit... Thursday already? Thursday comes and you slam your foot on the copying machine at your minimum-wage, end all be all job, and think to yourself...at least tomorrows Friday. Friday comes and you're angry. Why are you angry? You should be performing swan-god-damn-lake around your stationary cubicle. But you remember. Of course it takes some time, but you get to it eventually...another Friday you can find yourself ordering Chinese food for one. Single-serving box of rice, and one fortune cookie... Packaged just for you...

I live my life in the future. I'm always ahead one day. Todays' not what you want to live for... Today you want to wake up tomorrow, because tomorrow always seems like a better day...and the next tomorrow, and the next tomorrow...when will today end, and tomorrow happen? That's how I became the number one choice subject for Marcy's experiment. To test how far I would go. How I could be if I just had something in me. She wanted to see that. She wanted to spark something inside of me.
She was way ahead of her time...day after day... I day-dreamed of her on top of me. I dreamed the dreams that would never come true. Its easy... living in tomorrow always had it's perks. I could say hi to her today, and be fucking her in the ass tomorrow in the bathrooms next to our cubicle; by the water-cooler if I wanted... because that's what tv wants you to think. You see a hot blonde in her office, she eyes you up, and down without you noticing. You look up at her, and smile; she smiles back and walks away. You run after her, and bother her to have a cup of coffee after work, maybe a beer at the old moose-inn... a tavern not far from her apartment. Scene flashes to the bar, flirting. Scene flashes to the next morning...both of you still getting it on, just in time, you come...and the alarm clock buzzes...
It felt like I hadn't slept, but I knew I did... imprints of your t-shirt linger on your face until you shower, and brush...shit...its Tuesday.