Her love was my seraph

A radiant blaze cast down from the azure sky

Her nirvana masked my desolation

And her grace kept a smile on my lips

Her soul was my guardian

A cherub as lucid as crystal

Unhindered to guide me through the dusk and panic

The nightmares that wake and arise in corruption

Her heart kept my belief determined

Peaceful in the love she would draw from me

Her amity would keep me tranquil in my despair

And would shade me from the poisoned and spiteful

Her celestial eyes became my rapture

As empyrean as the divine

Eternal to my heart

Forever written in my astral thoughts

You mean the world to me

The allure you wreathe keeps my life burning

Your affection keeps my sorrow mundane

Angel, my love for you is my spire

-Lurid Black-