How cruel and unintended,

this loss that is so wrong.

what's left is but a gaping void,

silence in a world of song.

So young and full of life they were,

these boys who are now gone.

They lived it up right to the end,

though their road was not that long.

It's impossible to fathom

that we'll never hear again

the voices of these two young men

ringing out amidst the din.

No more sounds of the low "E" string,

no skating down the ice.

Just the pain of loss and hurt

is echoed in the night.

Many things we'll see and feel

will remind us of our boys,

like Slayer and parties and skating and fun

and we'll remember them.

The faces here are sombre,

the tears are falling fast,

but our boys live on forever

in our hearts, they're safe to rest.