Why I Write

I think everyone has that one thing that they would do 24/7, if they could. That one thing that they do instinctively when they're upset or stressed and just need to sort things out. For my best friends, like a lot of people, it's sports. It is also common for that one thing to be drawing, singing, or something like that. On May 4th, 2005, I was sitting in my 8th grade Algebra 1 class (4th period, front row, left side of the room), unbelievably bored, when I discovered mine. Writing.

When I write my poems, I often don't think. They reflect the things I'm worried about, the things I'm happy about, the people I care about, and the way my life is going at that time. They often become my prayers. It gives me a way to look inside my own subconscious and sort things out.

When I write my stories, I disappear in a world that is all my own. I escape the problems of the Real World—if only for an hour or two—and I go into a place where the people's problems are far worse than my petty arguments with my mom or the fact that I have a 79.8% in AP Psychology (true story). When I return to my room or the office or wherever I am, I am rejuvenated. I don't entirely understand what happens while I'm gone, but I could never survive without it.

I don't know the word for it (pet peeve isn't quite right), but it bugs be when people say that one of my hobbies is writing. Like, they might say, "What do you do for fun?" and I'll tell them that I write, and they'll say "Oh, that's a good hobby to have." People don't understand that writing is more than a hobby. It's a drive, as basic as eating and sleeping and drinking, and as necessary as oxygen. It is something that is inside the writer and must be released.

Think of all the writers you've heard of, all the books you've read. For every writer you've heard of, every writer whose book was a success, there are hundreds whose books never became a huge success, who got published but never publicized. They are still writers because of that passion that drives them to continue to sit down and write, despite a lack of success. That is probably where I will end up someday, but I don't care. I will be happy with my writing just knowing that it is out there for people to read, if they chose to. Because of this, you do not set out to become famous writer. You set out to write, and share your stories and poems with the world.

So, why do I write? Because God blessed me with a gift, and all he asked in return is that use it. I write because If I didn't I would be disregarding what He wants for my life. I write because God asked me to honor Him by being a writer.