What the Eagle Doesn't Know

My daughter, do you know
What the eagle searches for?
My daughter, do you ever wonder
Why does he take to the sky every day?
And returns only when his goal proves too high?

I can show you what he longs to find
If you trust me.
The halls of heaven,
The paths among the stars.
Worlds and wonders
Beyond what even the eagle can know.

You can fly as he does, my daughter.
I can show you, if you trust me.
For I can carry you on my wings
Higher than the tallest cloud,
Beyond the farthest star.

But, my daughter, it hurts me to say,
I cannot come all the way to you.
I can almost touch you,
But you have to take the last step yourself.
I can almost carry you,
But you have to let me lift you up.

The eagle wants his children to fly,
He wants to show them the wonders of the sky.
But how can he
If they do not believe him
When he says "Your wings will carry you."

He and I are not so different.
I also long to see my daughter fly.
To spread your newfound wings and laugh,
Hoping you never have to go back.
Because once you've flown with me,
Nothing will ever be the same.

To fly, my daughter, I ask only one thing.
That you'll trust me completely
When I tell you I won't let you fall.
You have to close your eyes and jump,
Because every first flight begins
With a leap of faith.


I thought I should share a little bit about how I wrote this, because it's really interesting. Me and my friend Kathy were walking home and not really talking, and she pointed up and said "Is that an eagle or a hawk?" and I said "I don't know, it kind of looks like an eagle." (with my luck, I have no idea what I'm talking about and it was probably a vulture or something.)

Anyway, after a few seconds of watching it, she told me "I wish I could fly like that. It looks like so much fun." Her comment kept nagging at me for the entire weekend and I kept turning a series of thoughts over and over in my head until I finally sat down very late Saturday night and brought them together in this poem.

My point is that eagles are beautiful creatures that fly above the Earth with grace and dignity, but God has something still better that he wants to show us. The eagle can't fly to the stars, or to heaven, but God can, and he wants to take us. He wants us in heaven with him more than he wants anything, and he was willing to die to give us that opportunity. All we have to do is trust him and jump.