Feed you sense of wonder and sate your imagination
Take in all that you can
The gentle-
The wind between trees, like cool, silver whispers
The daunting-
The lurid sea, like an untamed woman
Carving her own path through destruction
Take in even the heinous-
The venomous words and hateful actions,
Poisonous catalysts that enrage

There's fire in my blood, and sand on my tongue,
And I Live, I live
There are days of gray,
But I live, I live

I live only because I can
What you must learn and understand
Is that nothing will be given to you

Reading is just fine,
But you can only read about life
Books on lore,
Tales of war,
Even of love and loss
To read the words is not enough

Just as hearing a story is not telling one,
Analyzing words is not living them

To live-to truly live, is nothing short of miraculous
For this world serves as the ultimate matrix
For which everything shapes
From which everything is shaped
So today-
This very day,
Who will you be?