A dim light surrounds the hoards of pathetic excuses for human beings sitting around me. There is an awful pungent smell that could only be described as the scent of desperation and the lingering pieces of crushed dreams. Clouds of smoke fill all the space that is not being occupied by a person, if you could call these husks of men people. I am sitting in my not-so-comfortable chair, an old barstool probably older that me with a torn red cushion on top. All the padding had been pulled out with only a few tufts to remind itself of what it used to be. Very suiting for a place called "The Empty Soul," what a name. This chair had become my only companion for the last few days, maybe I saw myself in it, just shells of what we should be. I look to my left and to my right, pathetic, these husks are who I am stuck with for what seems like forever.

"The Empty Soul," the only bar in town open all night and filled with the lowest of the low. God how did I end up here, I deserved better. The only bar I have ever been too where as soon as you finish your drink the bar tender is already serving you the next one. We are all regulars here; we don't even look up for the new drinks anymore we just know that they will be there. Nobody ever leaves "The Empty Soul," you will eventually get used to that fact. I see it all the time, a new "man" comes through the door and for the first little while it's all "Oh. God why me," but he will just get quite and hunch over into his scotch or whiskey.

Humanity is lost in a place like this, it's in the eyes. All their eyes are empty, black gaping holes that no longer tell the story of life. Oh god I don't what to do. There is a mirror that hangs behind the bar, the only way to know if you are gone. Do you tempt fate to see if it has ended for you, you already know it has but it is here that you seek the truth. You have no chance for redemption, that option has been taken, but you will only know for sure when look into your own eyes to see the path that has been chosen for you. I always look into my glass, never forward, the path is set already I know the answer, no need to prove it. God why me why do this to me, I did my best!

It is inevitable that you look into your eyes and see what you have done, your maker is waiting. It is the last challenge on your journey. Are you brave enough to stand up to what you have done? For most it is too much to take. Most are burnt alive by there own sins. It is here in "The Empty Soul" that those who are too ashamed of what they have done sit and wallow in pity. It is time to be a man! No God, I do not want to be a man! It is time to stand up and see my own eyes.

My eyes are so black, an abyss that is almost endless. Flashes of pain through out my body, I am on fire. No! I didn't mean for that to happen, Oh God. I thought I was strong enough to face my self. I was so evil, so much harm I brought to others. Have pity on my soul dear lord. My body engulfed in flames for eternity, no pity was brought on me for what I have done. For I had no remorse, as a man, I broke each commandment with pride, as a man. It was only here at "The Empty Soul" when faced with my demons did I ever ask for forgiveness and God found no mercy on me. There is no mercy for men like me.