A cold sun rises as
The alarm clocks blare.
Gentle orange horizon lines
Creep through my open window
Tickling my lashes until I finally give in
Allowing the early hours to awaken me.

I climb down from my perch and
Walk slowly over to the window
Rubbing the rays away from my eyes
In an attempt to maintain my eyesight.
The few cars on the street below
Let me know I am of the first to rise.

Looking across the lake
I can see the blue outlines of mountains
The warm colored rays that spread out
Above them
Send chills through me
Hinting at the cold day ahead.

Cream colored walls are my
Vertical asymptotes
Keeping my actions separate
From the clear day on the other side.
I am undefined at wall;
Something akin to division by zero.

Seven three panel wide
Windows serve as the reminder
That I am only half in prison
I can leave whenever I want
And the consequences would only be
A lifetime of shame and
Empty excuses.